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  • Customers names

    yesterday i was looking up a customer by first name since i couldn't remember if i billed him or his wife.

    to my surprise i had 32- david's on my invoicing database.

    so i figured why not see what some popular customer names are.

    here are the more popular ones i have.


    12- susan

    16- robert

    18- john

    18- michael

    19- dr. that want to be addressed as dr. dozens more that don't

    24- steven

    i guess these were the popular names from the 40's-70's

    not to many owners i deal with from the 80's.

    how about the rest of you?

    any funny or unique names?

    phoebe it is

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    Re: Customers names

    Dr. Kilmore

    Dr. Blood

    Guy Mann

    Tim Burr

    Amanda Fuks (pronounced Fooks) geez you guys have dirty minds

    Sandy Beach

    Richard Head


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      Re: Customers names



      Williams (Bill's)


      Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

      A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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        Re: Customers names

        Dick Aiken

        Yes, a real customer from many years ago.



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          Re: Customers names

          Rhis guy played the organ at my wedding: M. Balmer


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            Re: Customers names

            Will Power
            Justin Case


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              Re: Customers names

              Dick Whede

              Haywood Jablomey

              Buster Cherry

              Peter Dragon

              Willie Makit

              Betty Wonte
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                Re: Customers names

                I had a customer no kidding his name was Phuc Yao but it is pronounced like the bad word with his accent. When I showed up for the appointment I asked him to pronounce his name he did and I looked at him kind of funny like what did you just say.. I told him I was going to call him John he laughed and said that would be fine.


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                  Re: Customers names

                  I had a customer named "Lawyer" who worked on an ambulance.

                  Also, a "Sargent" who was actually a PFC in the Army.


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                    Re: Customers names

                    doctors in my area- dr. v.d. nipple, dr.miricle, and dr. butts


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                      Re: Customers names

                      My daughter's college advisors name is Richard Puffer. When we were in his office going over her schedule the phone rang and he answered "Dick Puffer, how may I help you". I looked at my daughter she looked at me and we both busted out laughing under our breath. Geez what are parents thinking when they hang something like that on your own child.


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                        Re: Customers names

                        Dad did some remodeling work for a couple of Dr.s. Chitty and Bangs. They were in the same office. I wonder if they ever got thier kids to practice at their office too?

                        He also worked for a chiopractor with the name of Brian Bernard Butt.