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  • Why I got fired....

    Well anyways, I finished my plumbing course back in May/June and had been working since. My teacher had a connection with a company and was more than happy to shoot my name to him and give me good feedback because I am always willing to help, im friendly, nice and just a general happy camper.

    Up until roughly 8 weeks ago today, I had been working with that same company.40 hours a week here, 65 here, 25 there, its a service company and seeing as how im 19 first year plumber I dont really get any steady hours, but prefer service to construction for the learning reasons.

    Anyways, the jist of it is like this; The company themselves was very money grubbing and greedy. I remember times I was working with one of the guys and he would take naps when the customer wasnt looking/wasnt there/couldnt see, another time where a guy would say go more slowly I want to be here all day and get my hours worth for a dinky 3 hour job, and just so on in that kind of a fashion.

    Needless to say I guess I didnt get along with them too well, as an apprentice I try to voice my opinion and if I dont understand something ill ask (To which I got mocked about later on infront of the boss!). I recall times where I would get hours cut because I was never the driver of the truck, or getting hardcore yelled at for opening a demolition container because I cant throw toilets 10 feet high, and arguing with another guy because he was making side job deals instead of doing his jo and the boss called me and asked where we were etc (But when he called, it always showed up as private number so how was I to know???).

    Truely, the list goes on, and it especially didnt help that I was probabaly 1 of the 3 honest people there out of the 8-9. Other times I watched them add fittings/parts/materials to a receipt, or add additional hours for no reason.

    Many things contributed up to my morals being hurt, but still, I wasnt ready to pack it up and quit!

    I had spent too much time and WAYY too much effort in school (Full time, and doing full time work aswell, without car transportation options!) and had already been practicing this trade for maybe a year or so beforehand, on and off with my now ex's brother.

    Finally comes a bad day (Well, worse than any other so far....). My boss asked me if I could chip in a few hours on a Saturday. I reluctantly said yes, but also informed him that I had to go somewhere important and couldnt be late or anything around 1pm. He said that was fine and it was official.

    I showed up at the shop at 7am, the 2nd year plumber was there for me waiting in his truck. Nothing against him hes very smart and deserves everything he's earned up until this point, especially considering the hours and everything he put in, but boy has he back stabbed me so many times, even though I actually thought he was my friend for a while.....

    We went off and had a simple job to unblock this stack in a triplex. It was a call back because I had been there with a different one of the guys before to do the EXACT same problem, and knew myself it wasnt done right but couldnt say anything against the 50 year old Italian whos been to jail and deals drugs right?

    Happy to say, but we were going right this time around and fished everything, and even gave it a couple shots down the vent stack to clear anything that might have gotten down there. All was good, and at the end we decided we were going to re-do the underneath of a kitchen sink since it was VERY old and needed to pass the mini fish (Super Vee) down it to clean it up.

    The piping that was there already was galvanized in inch and a half. I took out the sawzall, cut it, all was going good, I left myself enough room to slap on a fernco and redo it in PVC (Because thats what we use where I was). As I put on my fernco, I notice that the glavanized pipe that is there goes down a little further, hits an elbow (90 degrees) and is now wobbly and loose in its threads. Great!

    I let my elder know, and he has no choice but to go downstairs and open up a section of the ceiling to access it further down the line. Since it was a Saturday and no suppliers were open we agreed to cap it for now and come back another day throughout the week.

    I go back upstairs for whatever reason, and as im working under my kitchen sink (I believe I was just checking for a potential leak??), the kitchen sink ITSELF collapses and comes crashing down on me. FANTASTIC! Turns out when the sink was installed, the contractor who did it cut the hole too big and simply using caulking to compensate whatever difference. Good thing the appartment was rented to an elderly lady whom never really needed to fill the sink up too much or it would have collapsed, or imagine she leaned on it because she fell????

    Ohh yes, sounds bad so far but it gets worse!

    I let my elder know and he goes up looks at it and tells me to go downstairs and cut the galvanized pipe at a section he marked in the hole he made so we can cap the **** head and get out of there because I was pissing him off... I go down, start cutting, LONE F***ING BEHOLD, I knick an inch an a quarter heating pipe .

    Water starts spewing everything while im on this ladder, got my sawzall in one hand, the other trying to hold the water in with all my possible force. Put the sawzall in between my legs, squirm my hand into my pocket, get my cell out and call the other guy. I let him know, he comes wlaking down as if theres all the time in the world, looks at it says, calls me a dumb ****, walks off and closes the mueller.

    To spare details after that that really I suppose arent important, I pretty much ****ed up good. I cant really point fingers since it all WAS infact me, but gee sometimes I wish things would turn out better, seems like ive had really bad luck for the longest time now, and so here I am, 8 weeks later, havent had any jobs since, nobody is hiring, its off season and my reputation is fairly ruined. Im thinking about going to Calgary?

    As for right now, im just working on getting my drivers license, have a couple of exams I have to re-do that I didnt pass in high school that im studying for, and well.....Recently took a bulls**t job at a Jean Coutu in desperation of money and start next Monday........

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    Re: Why I got fired....

    Welcome to the forum.There are others on the internet but I love this one.
    (the other ones are too normal)

    We can be a crotchety bunch.This is not an easy job.I have been in construction plumbing for more than two decades.I've let guys go within a couple of hours.Sounds like you had a pretty good run at it.

    I'm glad to see you decided not to follow the corrupt path the others were trying to get you to follow.Someday they will pay for their sins.

    I don't know about Calgary.Lot of Canadians here.

    Stick around...Do some reading...Hey,Look up some of the stuff our friend Plumbdog10 had to say back in 2005-2006.



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      Re: Why I got fired....

      All I can say is" hang in there Son" Us old Men Have all been dealt with injustice,same as You. It's all in God's plan,and it will get better, with time. At the supply house look for a friendly face.They will direct You to a decent plumber to work for! Press on,good luck! One more thing "fly with the crows, and You get shot at" You just parted with crows
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        Re: Why I got fired....

        Just a day in the life.

        You're lucky to be rid of them so fast and such a young age. You'll agree with me one day.

        Drive on brother.



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          Re: Why I got fired....

          we have all bin there [ even rick ]
          all i tell the people in the morning is before we start did we all bring our brains today , think a little before doing anything and it will work out .

          and if some one treated me like the other guy did to you i would have open a can of whoop a$$ on him , no one should be treated like that .

          hang in there

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            Re: Why I got fired....

            even rick had to put up with $hit

            do a little reading on aaron91 and see how he went from high school drop out, to getting his ged, and finally into a union apprenticeship.

            sounds a lot like what aaron went through.

            good luck and stick around. there's lots to learn and lots of good people here to give you ideas and advise

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Why I got fired....

              On the same note, I just got stink eye from the Wal Mart greeter. (which prepared me for the attempted beat down by the chip replenisher, I laughed at him and his cheesy job) Retard


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                Re: Why I got fired....


                it almost sounds like you worked for the same company i did in montreal. i won't name names.

                some of the crew was trying to teach me to rip off the customers. my ethics wouldn't allow me too.

                i don't regret leaving them.

                go west young man, go west.


                i lived for one year there. a year after the big ice storm. that's another story for another day.


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                  Re: Why I got fired....

                  I worked at a place like that...left there due to the old A$$ changing the time cards.

                  Plumbers are the worst of the trades...mainly because guys are jerks, and could not deal with people.


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                    Re: Why I got fired....

                    My boss is a real scrooge, he makes me work 14 hour days, and he wants me on call 7 days/week, 24 hours/day! I rarely get a day off, and he makes me clean all his tools and keep the van clean. He even expects me to answer the phones and talk to whiney customers all day!!! And when I finally get home from slaving on plumbing all day, I am expected to handle his bills and all his paperwork. I never get so much as a thank you!
                    He's just another greedy plumbing boss. On the bright side, he does pay me pretty well, and at least I know he'll never fire me since I put up with his ridiculous demands day after day. He never questions my workmanship and to date he has never once doubted me or made me take a drug-test.
                    Come to think of it, I like my job and I guess my boss is pretty cool too.
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                      Re: Why I got fired....

                      I am really sorry your having a rough time right now. Plumbing can be brutal at times.

                      My first year was horrible. My master plumber believed in the school of hard knocks and would purposely let me fail just to teach me a lesson. I was also belittled for asking questions by coworkers. I was his apprentice in every letter of the word. I power washed the shop siding, drywalled his basement and garage, poured a concrete driveway at his house, washed his van, ect.
                      I jokingly called him "Mr. Miagi". Show me wash the shop. Show me hang the drywall.

                      He gave me my used junk tools in a 5 gallon bucket. Everything was either rusty or worn out. When I complained about needing new drill bits, screw driver or what ever he would give me his junk and he would go buy new. I rarely got a new can of flux. It was his old crap can with about a 1/4 of a can left. Same with the glue. He would go through the trash and pull out the worn out sanding cloth and little pieces of soldier and tell me they were good and to reuse them. I burnt my fingers alot holding those little pieces of soldier. Eventually I used needle nose pliers to hold them. All of this is true, and I could go on.

                      If I would get cocky about my plumbing skills he would send me out on a job that was above my skills just to prove a point. Most of the time he was waiting for me to call. Did he come out and help me, no. He would walk me through the job step by painful step by phone. He would say, do this and this then call me back. It could go on for hours.

                      Plumbers by definition are: arrogant, pompous, bastar-s. Accept this and life will be easier. This comes from going through what you are in right now. As you grow and learn,(read go through hell) you will become less dependent on others.

                      Hang in there, thanks for the memories.
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                        Re: Why I got fired....

                        Thanks for the helpful and positive feedback guys.
                        Good to know im not alone, and good to hear everyone elses experiences.
                        Working with them sure did give me the impression and final decision that it is a very dishonest trade, but when all is said and done, I can only look forward to a hard days work paying off for what I did, and hope that things do get better....Eventually. =P


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                          Re: Why I got fired....

                          It can be a very dishonest trade. Most guys do plumbing because they cant do anything else...even plumbing. They see $$$ signs and go for everything they can get.

                          With most jerks its nothing personal, they are A$$ clowns to everyone. I put up with a lot of crap, but i never let it get in the way of learning. Do the same and you will be fine.


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                            Re: Why I got fired....

                            Learning and doing your best is what it is all about. Virtually every marketable skill I have is self taught. The learning never ends, no matter what your trade. When you think you know it all, you will fall on your ***!


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                              Re: Why I got fired....

                              I have a fantastic employee right now who has worked for my company over two years. When he walked through the door for the first time, he had worked short stints at three of my competitors. Most of his interview time was spent trying to figure out why he had not lasted more than 6 months at each shop, and it came down to him feeling they were not morally grounded.

                              Don't give up looking for that "perfect fit" because it does exist... I guarantee it. Most important though, don't give up on school. Take everything you can find at wholesalers, city college, whatever. Even better, expand your horizons and start learning about something else in the trades; electrical, hvac, carpentry, etc.... With every new skill your value to others and confidence will grow exponentially!

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