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What things have you seen on the job?

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    Re: What things have you seen on the job?

    I think in every day's professional life , we have lot's of thing to learn.everybody work for money. It's a learning experience . So if I am not facing any stunning situation . Then how can I grow myself.

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      Re: What things have you seen on the job?

      I was a 2nd year apprentice and the foreman tells me to to cut a fitting for a vent in a galvanized line.We were in the basement of a hospital.

      I start cutting the line with a sawzall and booooom the sawzall blows out of my hand.It was an electrical line.

      I am on a 50 story new construction high rise an I see a commotion in the back of the building.

      There was a guy in half. He fell from 30 floors up.He hit a catchall an left on leg up there and hit a beam on the 3rd floor and cut him in half.

      It was so bloody it did not even look real.It looked like something out of a movie.

      In 29 years I have a ton of them.