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    Monday - With a flurry of administrative work and a serious virus/infection/disease ravaging my respiratory system right now, replacing a water heater today SUCKED! Between blowing snot and coughing up chunks of phlegm, it was terrible and the restricted breathing was the same that is found after eating a whole box of twinkies.

    The water heater replacement was a customer from 4 years ago, they only spent $80 with me back then but that magnet on the fridge was the one they called, which produced $400 income today for the task.

    Being a good listener to your customer means something to them as well. This fellow watched me work the entire time. Didn't bother me a bit, just couldn't "pass wind" on demand like I'm so accustomed to doing.

    This customer I want to call tomorrow and follow-up, let him know that the work was appreciated and ask if there's anything more we can do for him.

    Rest of the day was following up on work leads and setting up work for later in the week. Finding out a deposit in my bank account not landing until tonite did NOT make me happy.
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      I worked on a project in Reno this morning and then had to drive home. As there were a couple of passes with show restrictions on my normal route home I had to drive a couple of extra hours to get home (10-hours total instead of 7.5-hours). Now I need to go to bed as I need to be up in 6-hours to drive 3-hours for tomorrows project.

      "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

      I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


      • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

        First call - Lady calling to see when we can come out and find a leak. Checked around behind fridge, dry but the husband tore a huge hole in the garage wall adjacent to where the leak was coming from and didn't find anything. I opened the wall where the icemaker valve box was and bingo! Found a brad nail shot through a copper water pipe from months ago.

        Still struggling with my upper respiratory infection and was really struggling about the time I finished that job. Came home and procrastinated to the very end and took of with 6 minutes to spare to get into the plumbing supply house to get parts for a couple jobs.

        Left there and finished up my big job where I was handed $2000 cash and a $1300 mattress and box spring, NIB.

        The parts finally came in, even though they wasn't the right ones yesterday and I made it work.

        Did everything from my stool, sat in front of this sink for 2 hours tonight and acid cleaned the stems and greased them, reinstalled with new seat washers. Seats were good. The handles were a match but the trim for this faucet had to be packed with plumber's putty to hold in place, but the finished look proved a success, given nobody could get me the right parts.

        The handles operated like a well greased wheel bearing when I was done, customer was pleased with the concept of me taking the time to salvage this old design wall lavatory to keep the aesthetics of the home tied together.

        Hooked up pop-up assembly turned towards the front to operate the rod since the linkage was no longer usable anyway, and took care of a profusely leaking 600 series Delta faucet in the same bathroom, right above the original porcelain cross-handles.

        Left there and dropped off parts for a T&S faucet assembly, left replacement washers for in the future. The owner of this pizza parlor does nearly all of his plumbing repairs, he just doesn't have time to go to the supply houses. Indirectly my freebie turns into 1000's of flyers for my 3 companies being distributed through his sales this year. For my 5 minutes and that advertising, I'm in the positive by far.

        I just coughed a lung chunk and hit my flatscreen monitor, this is not good. I need to get healthy.

        Tomorrow is a simple faucet repair for a couple that it's mandatory they get a brochure in their hands for my 2nd biz; they are both teachers and they know athletic directors, which need to know me soon enough this year.

        Lots of beater calls I need to gather up and finish up this week. Calls that I can do whenever I feel like.
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        • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

          Wednesday - This day is sketchy as I'm trying to remember it from 3 days ago...I do remember rebuilding an antique 2 handle free standing pedestal lavatory from the 30's. Packing nut on the hot was loose but I took the job a step further and cleaned up the ceramic flowered spindles and the top, made it look awesome and the lady couldn't stop talking about how it's the nicest it's been since it was installed.

          Interesting but these people are the parents of a guy who watched me rehab a property right across the street from them for 4 years. NO ONE had faith in my intentions but guess what? I turned a 40 thousand dollar home into a $130,000.00 home with absolutely no questions that it's the most admired house on the street now, cute as a button and the color choices were excellent.

          I did other plumbing work wednesday, just can't remember what it is.

          Thursday - Did administrative work and sweated bullets for a meeting that turned out opposite of what I expected, but still got connected to the head honcho of the majority of athletic directors in my area. Mission accomplished.

          If you're a bengals fan; Doug Pelfrey, former kicker of the Bengals was supposed to be there and couldn't make it, Chris Collinsworth was there along with Brad Johansen, the fellow who does the broadcasting on the radio for all the bengals games.

          This event was quite a bit more religious than what I expected it to be but I enjoyed the food and speakers. The event ran long and I didn't get a chance to mention anything about my reasons of being there but that's okay.

          Friday - Started off thinking a garbage disposal replacement was in order, turned out it's moving to monday instead. Got an emergency call for a clogged floor drain.

          This was the first time I used my drain machine since I did the funeral home job. That was a looooooong time ago and it's because I've turned so many jobs away because of doing "clean" work.

          Anyway, I'm rushed to get to this job and first try to nail it through the floor drain, no can do. Can't even get it to go down through the trap.

          Anyway I give up and move to the main cleanout in the stack, take my cable, run it out 80' and no result when I have them flush the toilets upstairs. Run the laundry tub or kitchen sink above, backs right up. ****! Should of checked before augering. Opened the smaller kitchen sink drain line cleanout right at the floor and cleared the obstruction from there.

          I had to bust the cap out on the main stack to gain access; years in that stack and brittle, hard like glass. This job was close and I basically had to run back to the shop, look at nearly 20+ cleanout caps, nice brass ones and plastic, recessed and not, ALL of them were the wrong sized ones. F**K!!

          Had to go to the supply house and buy a 3.5" cap that was actually a 4" lead one, worked like a charm and doped both caps so I can get them apart someday.

          He wants me to come back when I get some more cables and run 120' to the street, do a full clean on the main line.

          Left there diminished knowing it took 3 times to his house to get the job done. I was tired from yesterday and needed the day off.

          Made my deposits for the day and called it quits.
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            Saturday - Finished up a gas line job that I started 2 weeks ago. These past couple weeks have messed up my scheduling bad but the good thing is that I don't have to do that anymore.

            I got burnt on a move that I should of not let happen;

            Bought faucets from HD and have been selling them cheap, given the scenario, and the deal was selling them to customers "cheap" only if I was installing them.

            Well, that didn't happen and the customer decided to have someone else *Father-in-law* and now I'm out the labor gain.

            These people spent a lot of money with me recently so I was inclined to honor the price and sell the faucets. Not the end of the world and these are customers that will use me, spread my name around like butter on bread.

            You win some you lose some, my other customer this week has committed to me installing a few I own so I'm in good shape on that. By end of the week, I'll have compensated myself back on the initial purchase with customers feeling like they got ahead on the buy, inclined to my special offering.

            A fortunate situation played out that day; flex gas line disconnected right at the nut when I went to check on it on the final installation of a gas freestanding stove. The factory gas flex line didn't factory flare the gas line enough, therefore it pulled through the flare nut.

            If that would of held, and a small child hit that line, or for some reason it just "broke free" ...?

            I don't want to think of that horrible situation. Someone was looking out for my well being and that family of 4, and my reputation as a licensed plumber. My attention to detail saved my arse big time.

            Once I finished up I came back to the shop and took care of other internet related business, called it a day.

            Sunday - Took it easy, contemplated the wonderful advantage of daylight savings time now and how it will help me with my work schedule now.

            Scheduled and laid out my service calls for the week.
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            • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

              Monday - First call got pushed up a little because I didn't set the clock that mattered. Whoops! Installed a garbage disposal that's been sitting in my inventory for over 7 years, finally put it in. It was out of warranty, customer knows it but they got a great deal. 3/4 horsepower sears/kenmore garbage disposal with stainless steel chamber, insulated for quietness. Basically an evolution series without the rubber connection for vibration loss.

              I sold it for $100, paid less than $50 for it years ago as I paid 14 cents on the dollar for its value. Charged another $85 for my time and less than an hour I'm gone.

              2nd call was a leaking outside faucet, need to follow up with this customer as she's got really high water pressure and I could probably upsell the PRV/EXP tank install. Left my damn pressure gauge there, because I cannot find the damn thing in my truck. Arrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!

              Picked up my inventory from the supply house, man are they in bad shape. Ordered my N53 Zoeller pumps but not the damn switches? WTFF? Can't use them without them! I also asked if I could return some 4" PVC fittings along with pipe that'll never get used. Heals a small wound of that job I had to walk away from.

              3rd call was water heater, electric AO Smith that the customer tried to fix themselves...replaced the top thermostat only but not the bottom one. Went in there and switched both and I know he'll call if it malfunctions again.

              I need to get my electrical items back together; I didn't check the elements for continuity on this job, and I need to. Got too much going on but before I left the water was getting warm.

              Guy owns a Lotus, only 3 in this area. He's an engineer at Toyota and the guy is a bachelor, livin' it up!

              What's common about all three of my customers today?

              They all were from the internet, 3 different sources, on the internet. Goooooooogle, and

              That, is powerful, along with netting almost $600 between 3 services calls. Left at 2:30pm today, home by 8:30pm. Not too shabby.
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              • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                Monday - Anywhere and everywhere. A dead beat day but the ending smoothed the pain. Got a call that an RO system was puking out of the Air Gap onto the sink, down into the sink base.

                My fix was losing 13" of RO discharge line and pulling a slight dip out of the line. Haven't heard back but that doesn't mean it didn't malfunction. I hope it does take care of it. No pay for this callback.

                Had to go to a customer's home where I did $1100 of work one day and needed a coc.khole cover to cover up the existing off deck spray. I lived up to expectations and didn't have to be called 4 times to show up and complete the job. Called a friend of hers and asked if we were still going to do work in her basement, she's holding back for the reason of the economy.

                Old ladies will do that.

                Stopped by another job where one of my investors bought a condo for a song and dance, tried to get an icemaker to work that won't. Have a kitchen sink faucet to replace someday soon.

                Finally got my 2 MC tanks I needed through the weekend, along with my sump pumps and other small items. Running around depositing checks before other withdrawals bounce reminds me of when I started my business 7 years ago, but this method is only because I'm harvesting thousands of dollars out of my plumbing business into another. It's fun, but it feels like I have a drug problem that won't stop!

                Last call was like I just felt like driving all over the community, twice. Went back out near my RO callback for an emergency call for a dropped gate valve. Replaced with a ball valve and upsold a new PRV, shot the bull with the guy for an hour afterwards, PR relations means a lot to me. If you can't shoot the **** with your customers, talk it up while they are watching you work, you're destined to fail in this biz.

                Got home, did some follow-up emails and comprised a very well thought out email that will gain the attention of the state's high school athletic association along with members of the Kentucky senate and house's Legislatures. This kids's death in Louisville with the coach being charged with negligent homicide is on a national level, right here in Kentucky.

                Went to bed with only a couple hours of sleep before the repeat.
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                • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                  Wednesday - Get up, go to a dr's appointment that was actually yesterday, find out the hard way.

                  Go home, go to sleep for 3 hours, wake up to an emergency call for a water heater replacement. On the way home from the docs, landed another call for noon tomorrow.

                  Wake up, feeling like hell and go look at the water heater situation just to calm nerves for these repeat customers. I tell them to pick a water heater up at Sears and I'll be back to replace it later. I go to my scheduled job a 1/2 hour late, but the customer soon lightens up given they told me I could do it anytime.

                  Replace a lav faucet, rebuild a 600 delta faucet and leave with the intentions I got other work to do, somewhere else; reschedule to come back tomorrow.

                  Leave, come home for an hour to chow down and go put in a water heater. Land another service call while there for numerous jobs at one location for friday.

                  Get the water heater done, collect, come home and call it a decent day. Spent rest of the evening hammering the most economical way of broadcasting a message, email.

                  In my best Captain Kirk voice, "Must....Keep..going, forward."
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                  • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                    Yesterday morning I had a Water Board meeting in Utah at 8:00 AM. Finished the meeting and drove to our house in Las Vegas for a conference call for another project. After the call drove to Los Angeles because I have a doctor's appointment today. I didn't make in home until just past 2:00 AM and now contractors working in my backyard woke me up at 8:00 AM.

                    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


                    • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                      Was getting burned out on this thread.

                      Saturday - Working injured but I managed to do one call today; kitchen sink clog that for an hour I tried to get my cable to drop down the tee instead of going up. It was pure luck I got it to turn down because there was a really hard obstruction right at the drop, otherwise my cable wouldn't of kept trying to ride the vent.

                      I thought about bringing my 300 to the party with my 100 drum on it, but I have the cable bent a foot from the end and whips hard through a drain, along with the cutter attachment. It would of broke the 1.5" tubular trap arm that are solvent welded to the SCH40 in the state of KY, which I disagree with that code. They only allow slip joint connections on the inlet side of the traps, the only place. Makes me wonder how trip and waste overflows got away with that since they are telescoping tubular systems with the same damn setup, buried behind a wall. ????

                      Got it open, I took $200 instead of $269 the bill was since I was 3 hours late and moving slow.

                      Putting in lots of hours that's too much for the body right now. Been so busy that I'm letting my ear hair grow, which isn't good at all.
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                      • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                        What would be the reasoning for having a slip joint on the inlet side of a trap only? If it's exposed who cares?


                        • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                          Monday I was home sick. I think I caught something on a drain cleaning job Friday.

                          Tuesday-Installed a tub shower faucet, Rebuilt two toilets, called it a day, just too weak. Spitting up blood. Boss said he is taking off for a week-Bye!

                          Wednesday- Started antibiotics. Completed a second rough on a house. Prayed to die.

                          Thursday- Removed 30 gallon single element W/H from a trailer and installed new 50 gallon Bradford White. Worked at a golf course, removed 3.5 gallon toilet, carried it up the stairs, and up a hill, then threw it into a dumpster and hurt my back. Installed the new toilet on a tile floor done by a guy who thinks level is a option. Done paperwork and went home.

                          Friday- Installed Toto Soiree toilet and moved the water line. Rebuilt a shower faucet. Cleaned a 100' clogged main. Cleaned a sink drain, pulled out a kids sock. Don't know how it got there. Went to a customers house in the middle of nowhere. They stated their sump pump was bad. Found out it was the water heater. A nine year old B/W. Picked up new 50 gallon water heater. Didn't have cart so I had to carry the old one up the stairs and the new one down. Installed it and went home.

                          Saturday- Got called back to the water heater I put in Thursday. He said they don't have very much hot water. After going through all the possible reasons I checked the crawl space and found 12" of temped water. Jumped in crawl space with with my waterproof rubber boots that I found out were not waterproof. My feet are soaked and I was cutting the insulation trying to find the leak under the trailer. My glasses are fogged up and I cut into a live 120v line while standing in water and got the crap shocked out of me. Fell in water and now am completely soaked. Yelled to have the power cut off. Set up pumps and began pumping. Had to run a do a estimate but I am soaked and all I have is a new shirt in my van. Ran back to the shop and took the another guys uniform and tool the bosses socks and t-shirt. Dried my shoes out with a heat gun. Still have wet underwear. Went to estimate. Customer began a addition 9 years ago and wants a estimate on the rough in plumbing. Major work needs done due to them hiring some hack who ran the water supply up in shower area and putting a toilet 8" from the wall. Went back to trailer pulled out pumps and made water line repair. Went home and wife wanted to go out to eat and watch a movie so we did.

                          Today I am working on a estimate from Saturday and putting a new set of clothes in the van including clean underwear and boots.
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                          Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


                          • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                            I think it is Electrician's turn to do a work day event.,,,

                            This part is from Paris France when I am still there for 5 month working vaction.

                            08:00 start up the working day and sort out the calls { I do get mixed bag of Brits and French jammed up my answering machine }

                            08:45 done eating breakfast go to one of the commecal locaton they want me to hook up large machineary due thier mantenace guys are not famuir with North Americian wiring format. easy 500€ on that spot

                            11:00 went to other commercal location have to hook up 415 v 3 phase water pump but it sucks due they have old fashion 240 volt 3 phase system to order get it working I end up reconferaged the motor to work on 240 v and told them their service system need to be upgraded dropped off the estame to upgrade the service 5500€ { I did not get this service upgrade on this one }

                            13:30 grab a quick lunch on street cafe my lunch was cutted short due I got a phone call from a plummer to tell me get my ase over his jobsite.
                            The RCD{ GFCI } kick out everytime the water heater kicked on.
                            Sell the building owner a new customer unit at the same time got a hold of EDF gaz dept to swap the meter. billed out to the owner of that place 1500€.

                            15:00 a resdentail service call have to hook up the range and run new cables as well due the new range is larger than old one is { this one wired on 415 volts } send the owner the bill will get the payment in a day.

                            18:00 got a afterhour call commercal location two flourscent lumiaire ballast blew up { their handyman hook up wrong conductors } 200€

                            20:00 back in my chamber { home } catch up news and doing few things on the internet

                            I will be writeing few more events for both French side and American side later



                            • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                              I've got this cut in half Mt. Dew bottle I'd dip in the reservoir and then dump it over the 811. Somebody attempted to rebuild the pump , lost ambition, wrapped the parts in a rag and placed it neatly on the 535's shelf. Some time ago while threading I needed a rag. Parts went rolling in every direction.
                              I received a call today saying a replacement pump was on it's way. 1982 is the manu. date on this one, It's a good machine some parts are missing, a few bent, a couple improvised. She's been abused, I need to look in the reservoir, move all the crap off the shelf, drop the rear supports,pull the shelf off the pins and drain. Just as I thought 1/2 " of silt in the bottom. The filters gone, just a hose laying in the silt. Cut some cardboard scrapers pull over a trash can and get to work. What a fvckin mess. Next , the pump , pull the cap screws and voila , 1/2 a pump. Pull the two cap screws and insert the " MJ" style pump. I did change the seals and hoses as recommended. Reattached the bezel and headed for the steam cleaner.


                              • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                                This was a kinda day where it's just better to fall down a set of steps and not be found for days.

                                I'll start from last week, get some juicy tidbits together for some savory taste. Weeeeeee duck soup

                                Money is always tight with me because I"m spending tons of it, can't stop either.

                                Friday, the lady I worked for was in bad shape, has cancer and I am doing work for her because her last plumber died 2 weeks ago. I put in a laundry tub faucet along with trying to rebuild a Kohler mixet which now sits with new parts in my damn scrap barrel.

                                Anyway, I fixed those few things for her and she wanted me to install a new sink for the one that had the mixet faucet. She calls last week and asks me to go ahead and put a new one in, the new one is sitting at fergusons. I pick it up, I sell her one of my $20 faucets that are worth around $120 apiece and goes together great. Didn't have a 1.25" tubular extension but a plumber down the road had one, saved me a trip. Put it all in, write the bill and she questions a charge I put on there to pick up that sink, along with running to get that 1.25 tailpiece and charge for disposal of that heavy sink I pulled up out of that basement.


                                I can't be any nicer at this point...especially giving her a faucet that's $120 for $20? It was short lived anger when I explained the discount I gave her, and what the total bill "could" be. She just had chemo so that can make people very irritable.

                                Saturday, I put in a battery backup sump pump that gave prove that new construction plumbers don't give a flying **** about quality workmanship at this point. The sump pump pit was full of debri, no check valve, not properly supported discharge,

                                laundry tub has plastic feet missing, not anchored, cold cpvc line is 1/2" too long and is bowing out from strain, front hose bibb is 2" further out because they was too lazy to loop the water line, so they caulked an inch pile of silicone around it. The back one wasn't as bad, but still; it's horrible workmanship.

                                The main water line is that black plastic crap underground, they shot it through the wall and used a sharkbite to transition to cpvc with the cpvc main valve and brass prv just dangling from the bottom, all the way to the support on the joist, 8' up. ???? Took me almost 5 hours to do that battery back up sump pump and I made sure I wrote two bills so he'd get compensated for the extra time he had to pay me.

                                My next call got bumped to monday, had no choice in that and I'm glad it got moved.

                                From that time forward I've been planted in a chair with wethead basically setting up a plumbing forum for us to finally put all this lightning speed typing skills to use, once and for all. He's helping me out in a great way and I couldn't of done it without him. I need to really enterprise on the real estate that is on the internet and make it profitable for myself as this plumbing profession is so damn hard on my body.

                                Sunday was more of the same, I've ate more food that a fridge can hold.

                                Monday, had to meet my phone advertising rep and she actually gave me some good

                                deals that I thought was cool as hell. A DOLLAR SIZED COLOR AD. And it didn't even have to be edited. She did a fantastic job. The "catch" will be that the ad will cost money next year. I hope it works.

                                Then, I went to my first BNI meeting. They meet every monday before noon and the guy who tried to get me into it? Didn't show up and damn if he's not dropping out...and he's been there for two years. It was my last visit as well.

                                Called about parts for a water heater I installed in 07 where the pizza parlor called sunday to tell me the pilot tube broke in half??? Turned out the reason for that was the initial installer of the burner assembly ruined the tube when they tightened it into the assembly. It's been burning a flame from two spots in that heater all this time. I never "looked" because it has a piezo ignitor and as long as it fires up, it's good by me. $120 to have it air shipped from cleveland to be at my office door by 10:30am tomorrow while I sleep away.

                                Next call,

                                Water heater I installed last april 3rd and the heater sat, brand new in the basement for 4 years before I installed it. I bought some time with this one as I wanted the entire family to be there when I did the repair. Turns out that I didn't get paid for this job....or the other half of the work. I knew they would pay, and was glad that as of today, I've only lost $87 last year in total to unpaid bills from customers. And I bet I can get that $87 as well when they call me up for more work in the future.

                                Replaced upper and lower thermostats, bottom was popped out. It went quick, collected for both my visits and I'm happy.

                                Last call tonight was a pop-up drain assembly that was giving me a fit on saturday. I got the part that fell down the drain, but I needed to get over to the bbu pump call that was going to make me more money. Got my new el-cheapo pop up drain in there and they are happy.

                                I asked if by chance they'll be holding any water in that drain, as those cheaper pop-ups never hold the water as a completely sealed drain.

                                Takes a long time to drain, but I'd rather see it hold tight. Only one of these cheaper pop-ups have I had to come back and replace it because the customer didn't like the fact it wouldn't hold. The majority never really care.

                                That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Peace out~!!
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