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  • I feel so sorry for this guy

    The guy who I was supposed to put his sink faucet in and sink, drains?

    This guy must have more than 15 hours just by himself trying to get the sink in, it missed the back part where I started to cut. He didn't understand that you can install a catch in the wood for the clips to catch as he told me he had nothing to work off of.

    As of today, I have 3 hours in this job now and still NOTHING.

    The faucet he supplied me with is a Aquasource, house brand for Lowes. I install the faucet and even though I blew out the valves a little bit before hooking up, a ton of calcium shot through the hose leading to the sprayer and I guess the mfg. of the faucet doesn't realize that you must be able to clean out the debris.

    No chance and sure enough, clogged. No way to clean it. Also, the sprayer wouldn't easily move in and out of the faucet, AND, the spout itself swung freely and you couldn't get it to stay in one place.


    I told him that if he is having these types of problems from the word go, what do you think it will be like down the road...when there's no warranty or ability to return?

    He instantly told me to take it back out to box it up and return.

    So...I'm going to get paid to come back and install the faucet again and take care of the rest, finally I hope.

    He's having bypass surgery in the morning and this guy wasn't anxious at all, but wondering WTF is going on in regards to his kitchen sink replacement that has turned into a monstrosity in errors and unexpected situations.

    When I looked at how he anchored it down...a good many of those clips weren't even holding down tight, no caulk under the edge and the corners are turned up.

    The guy has worked his tail off and my bill won't be cheap...just a bad experience all the way around for him I imagine.
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    • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

      Did a job last night at a resturant. Had to jet a kitchen line from a grease pit. Had the jetter up to 3500 psi. LOL the jet head fell out of the pipe and into the pit. Showered me and the customer who was behind me in grease, and completely covered the entire side of my truck LOL...The old lady was not happy when i got home.
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      • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

        Got a call from an apartment complex. they left a message that was hard to understand. The guy that was calling sounded drunk. I call back and go out there. seems that they have a main bagging up. Great easy money right? Not exactly. I go to the office and look for the maint guy to show me around. he is no where to be found. I ask the office chick where is the problem. She doesn't know. I ask if I can look around and find it my self. She says sure it is in a basement. She doesn't have any keys to the basements. Yikes! well I wait and wait and wait some more. Been there 2.5 hours before the maint guy shows up. Start to get the info from him and i realized he was useless. He had no idea where the clog was. just that some tenant complained about not being able to flush their toilet. Finaly after 5 hours on the site I find out where the toilet is. Check it out cracked shut off valve. I don't do that kind of plumbing. I stick with Drain cleaning and Hvac. I say Good luck here is a bill for 5 hours plus the service call.
        Drove away thinking wtf


        • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

          Left the house at 7:15 to head to Menards for a quick shopping trip. By the time I got to the first job to install a customer supplied water boss softener it was already pushing 9:00. Got the new softener installed and headed back to civilization to change a 40 gallon water heater. A quick break for lunch, pick up a toilet for a job tomorrow, and off to de-winterize a forclosed house before the new owners move in. Ended up replacing a pressure switch and two elements. Gone 12 hours and only spent about 6 of it actually working. It is amazing how much time is spent driving, shopping, lunch, etc.
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          • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

            Saturday: Call #1 Install water softener and whole house filter.
            Call #2 Install Mansfield 10" RI toilet in place of a primary toilet.
            Once you become a pickle you can't go back to being a cucumber.


            • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

              Friday - Installed a water softener - WaterBoss - ran 100' of copper to install this unit. Customer wanted me to "not worry" about setting up the first regeneration without watching it, I warned him of floor drains at furnaces clogging up. Sure enough, floor drain was clogged and if I wasn't there...a basement full of water would of been the equation. Got it open with my closet auger as I knew it was right in the trap, as always thanks to condensate lines off the A-coil. Most times it looks like phlegm.

              Saturday - Set up park benches for the Howl-O-Ween Pet Event. People dressed up their prized dogs, put them in character and the best dressed wins! Videotaped/took 100's of pictures for this event. Went home and was wiped out.

              Sunday - Off to a late start but went to The Salt Festival and spent 6 hours today taking over 300 pictures and I have no clue how many videos, maybe 100 of this event. Hard on the body for me to stand that long. It was rough there for a bit. Some great moments caught on film.

              Have a huge week ahead of me and I need to make sure I get enough sleep to get through all of it.
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              • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                Customer called me on friday or saturday, very skeptical as he was feeling out plumbers after having a bad experience with one. Didn't sway me a bit as people are having tons of trouble with licensed plumbers these days ripping people off.

                Has an electric water heater that's 15 years old and wants a tankless. I tell him the cons and price and instantly he goes for the tank, but gas. I tell him the efforts involved and he says he'll call me back and let me know if he wants to choose me.

                I get a call back three hours later, tells me he wants to do a replacement but to gas. I tell him I'm booked already through the weekend and monday would be the soonest. He agrees and I stop by today to see the work:

                Get there and the electric water heater is 24' away from where the new one is going. No biggie, just have to tie into the water lines heading towards the kitchen. The house has two furnaces that tie into a tee that is not directional. No way I can tap 3" for the flue for the water heater because those furnaces run at the same time and would instantly overpower the water heater, bringing carbon monoxide into the basement.

                I line it out that we have to core drill the wall to get to the flue chase to get this done. I look at the gas line work that was done for these furnaces....and to believe someone with a F**King license did what they did. Branched two 1/2" lines to 2 furnaces without upsizing. No drip leg or isolation valve for the one furnace, let alone a union. If this one furnace needs a control valve the entire gas line has to be broke down to work/maintain it. No way to leave the other furnace in operation. Is this what a license guarantees? The right to F**K up someone's property?

                I worked at this home till 7pm tonight, started at 1pm. Have to come back to that gas line tomorrow. Lots of twists and turns and no way will I hack a flexible gas pipe to this water heater because I'm cutting edge and keeping up with what's new. When I told the customer of this "new" product he scoffed at the idea like most reasonable people would.

                He wants what is in his house now, nothing he has to worry about. Takes longer but I'm in no rush.

                Left there to get at my second job at 8:15pm to finish this horrible kitchen sink job I've tried twice to finish and finally got done. Glad to finally get it done and out of the way.

                Listening to 4 customers in the past 7 days with completely legit complaints about licensed plumbing contractors has the obvious knowing that I am your worst enemy at this point and I'm going to punch holes right through your ability to make a living.
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                • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

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                  • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                    Reverse back to yesterday:

                    1st call was a sump pump/battery back up I put in 3 years ago making strange noises. Get there, the switch is froze on and it's purging water out of the pit. I tell them that Zoeller makes a new switch that I can wire up the switch on the M53 and work off of the new one. Customer loved that and saved them the cost of the pump. Zoeller pumps if ever go bad, it's always the switch, never the motor.

                    Customer committed to 2 hose bibb replacements for next week. Nice.

                    2nd Call was back to the electric to gas water heater conversion. Glad I didn't try to attempt that task the same day as it took 4.5 hours to complete. I found out after I was done that those gas lines to the furnace were just reworked, wrong, and the customer hadn't paid for it yet. This is good because I've got the before and after pictures of this work and he's got a threshold to work off of, knowing the guy that came in after them corrected the nonsense.

                    Customer is now very pleased he's found a trustworthy plumber.

                    Heading off to work now to replace a Delta faucet broke off inside the wall for the next few hours. I'm in extreme pain right now as I tried to crack my neck and one of my vertrebrae is stuck and I can't even turn my head to the right. Painful as hell when I move my head down as it feels like a rope tied between my shoulder blades pulling my spine. The show must go on...
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                    • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                      DUNBAR I always enjoy reading the details of your work day.


                      • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                        Originally posted by handybull View Post
                        DUNBAR I always enjoy reading the details of your work day.

                        I always have something crazy going on.

                        Wednesday: ?????

                        Thursday: 2 calls, but the last one took 4.5 hours to replace a tub/shower faucet. Very difficult one and had a crumbling tile wall I had to carefully work around.

                        Friday: I can't remember, but I wrecked my truck, saved a turtle and did at least one service call.

                        Saturday: Worked hard on many fronts, lined out my calls around doing video work for 3 events.

                        Sunday: Clogged floor drain, look at a job involving a dishwasher 14' away from sink on a slab, around a fridge...who knows what else, along with outside faucet new location installation and toilet replacement. Left there and looked at a failing sump pump I installed 3 years ago with a battery back up. Taped another outdoor event, and the grand opening of a local restaurant (BW3's) in my area in stages during the camp out to get free wings for a year.

                        My buddy jumped to the end of the line and he was 93. !!! I could of jumped in line but I can't eat wings much. Last time I did my gout was horrible, and it came within hours of eating some.

                        Came back, built the final video and headed off to replace that sump pump I looked at saturday. (battery back up worked its magic till today) Took two hours and it sucked! and made it just in time to make to my local business association meeting.

                        I joined tonight to become part of the association with other businessmen locally. I have a heavy hand with the local events and want to keep that going for many reasons.

                        My back is eff'n killing me right now and my hand is poised on that pill bottle to make it all go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.................

                        Tomorrow is a closet flange rework, stack replacement, all kinds of stuff. Getting that toilet reworked first and if I can't get it all done tomorrow then I'm going to finish the stack replacement wednesday. It's a copper stack but I think the son that's helping me (in his 50's) will most likely scrap it out. If my truck was clean I'd have him gopher my tools but he wouldn't be able to find anything the way my truck looks these days.

                        Torch it!
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                        • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work


                          I worked around two customers today that just got over the H1N1 virus.

                          Not good.

                          First call I got off to a bad start...knew that the flange replacement for this toilet was going to be bad. I built out the bottom, drilled it, filled it with hydraulic cement. Great application because no vibration of the floor happens, not even with the screws. The hole in the floor was the exact same roundness of the flange and there was nothing to work with. Pictures tell the story way better.

                          I was supposed to do an entire stack replacement today but that flange was enough. Had to run around town for parts and stop by a couple jobs to make the peace since I can't get what's done in front of me right now.

                          Got the toilet set back, have to come back tomorrow.

                          Next call was supposed to be a referral from someone I worked for years ago. Apparently when I gave a price for this work, the people freaked out. Thermocouple replacement, that's it. 1 hour, maybe 1.25 tops and that's just BS'n answering the customer's questions.

                          They called back and cancelled...not surprised but I'm not the one without hot water, and I won't work for them if they called in the future.

                          Then the phone rang again,

                          "I need somebody here immediately!"

                          Customer said that their dishwasher and garbage disposal was just replaced and water is shooting out the door, all over the floor, down into the lower floors of the 3 story apartment condos.

                          I knew exactly what it was, knockout wasn't removed from disposal. That and when I got there the Air Gap was bypassed. Big no-no in my book and I took care of both.

                          Everybody in that home was in poor health. 2 in wheelchairs, mother and daughter. I think the son was possibly male on male friendly if ya know what that means.

                          Good people though in a bad situation. Convinced them that chocolate covered bacon solves the world's problems, one crispy piece at a time.
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                          • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                            Took the day off from plumbing today. Woke up late and the body just didn't have the umph it needed to make a go at it. I did however manage to get a few things done and line up work for the next day.

                            I overlap my calls sometimes and it really becomes a pain when this happens, and sometimes it's completely out of my control.

                            This down time will help me for tomorrow as the work isn't going to be hard, it's the time spent on concrete that will be.

                            It's looking like my first weekend without setting up equipment is coming soon, and of course I'm going to find other stuff to do. Going to put to work two fellows that are hurting for the buck right now, I'm going to have them help me clean up my shop and get this place cleaned up, finally.

                            I'll have to show the before and after. Of course, one could ask why I don't spend time during the evenings cleaning it up.

                            Here's the answer:

                            When you have chronic back pain the more you do, the more you have to withstand in a day. After doing this for 10 years now I've figured out what I can handle. If I spend my evenings out on the blacktop or concrete, cleaning, lifting stuff or still physically working, my body will let me know the next morning of how hard I pushed it. If I put in a long day and then try to superhero clean my shop and truck...I can count on the next day being a miss than a hit.

                            Besides; I know these guys need work and I don't mind helping them out. They're going to complain because I'm a run and go type worker. I'd love to stay clean but it isn't in the cards these days.

                            I did manage to give 4 hours to a friend of mine with his restaurant inside a ice cream shoppe. I helped install ceiling panels along with working the restaurant, cleaning it up and organizing for him while he served most likely 25 people. The guy hit the mark setting up a food court inside his indoor sports complex. I'm also planning on getting a fan down there for him to keep air flow going for the people inside it.

                            Brand recognition folks; that's what it is all about.
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                            • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                              Thursday - Can't remember other than one job that took too long on my part and I shouldn't of been working with that kind of efficiency.

                              No matter what, I got stuff done across the board like picking up materials and what not but I manage to piss off more than just one person yesterday.

                              Friday - Start off by going to the chiropractor and getting my entire spine adjusted. Made for a hell of a day in pain management but it's the good pain, not bad. Stopped by to see my insurance agent and went on to "buy time" at one location to take care of two service calls. One landed in right with another even though I did some running around buying materials, banking and direct sales. As much as I tried to get my park benches into events this weekend, it didn't happen.

                              That isn't exactly a "bad" thing as I've got tons to do on so many fronts. The two service calls I did:

                              Kitchen sink leak; just too short of a strainer tailpiece. Easy work and on my way.

                              Second call was a sump pump replacement with a new N53 and attachable float switch.

                              Here's what the plumbing supply house said,

                              "He's the only plumber in the area that installs that setup for his customer base."

                              Here's what the new Dunbar Plumbing customer said,

                              "Hey I thank you for coming out on such short notice, helping me out and getting me taken care of, and I'm making sure I put you (information) in my Blackberry."

                              That right there was golden in the big picture of a complete cycle from phone call to completion of task to payment in full to the departure.
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                              • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                                Wow .,

                                Very instering events so far I haven't check this part for a while sound like you got hand full from time to time.

                                This moring just replace the motor for my customer { he brought used compressor without checking the motour first !! }

                                That is 7.5 KW motor single phase ( not too often I will see that in European area but hard on the system) so I did suggest that he did have three phase supply there and sell him a new motor work on three phase supply and result it work out really nice for him

                                That come out little over €800 that including the new motour in there.