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    Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

    Got to my first job at 9:45 AM. Repeat customer. He is a nice older retired master plumber from Alabama. He had a couple Delta faucets to install, but doesn't have the tools to work with PEX pipe. Installed the faucets, settled the bill, talked about how shoddy most of the work is in this town, and on to the next job.

    Walked across the street to look at the second job. The toilets keep running, even after I have rebuilt them. Open the tanks and find chlorine tablets and warped flappers. Told the tenants I had to let the landlord know what is going on before I did anything, and I would be in touch later. I think the PRV has failed, but when I went to grab my gauge, it was broken. Oh well, I'll come back tomorrow and test, then talk to the landlord.

    Next stop was one that sounded like a muddy mess on the phone. The guy said water was running because a pipe broke, and it took him an hour to turn off the water. Expecting to be at the house for a few hours, I knocked on the door. He takes me to the bathroom, and shows me a Moen Monticello faucet that had the screw fall out of the handle. Relieved, I grabbed my tools, reassembled the faucet handle, and turned the water back on. He had me tighten the packing nut on an outside hose bib, then wrote the check. He was happy, I was happy, and I was out the door within about 15 minutes.

    Went and unclogged a toilet and replaced the fill valve and flapper.

    Next job was another repeat customer. The lady was selling an older mobile home, and needed a leak in the shower valve fixed. There are just as many mobile homes as there are stick built houses in my town, so I make sure to carry the parts for them on my truck. Rebuilt her shower valve, and off I went.

    Drove across the street and picked up my brand new Ridgid Scout and sonde that had just arrived. I love overnight shipping! Watched the instruction video, and left to try it out. Sent the sonde down the line to where I knew the problem was, and about 15 minutes later the Scout was telling me the pipe was a little over three feet down. Dug a big hole, and found the pipe broken right where the scout said it was. Exposed enough to fix the problem, and will go back tomorrow to fix it. I had another guy come in earlier to locate the break for me, and he told me the pipe was three feet over from where it actually was. Digging down five feet and not finding the pipe was what made me break down and buy the Scout.

    Went to the last job to replace some angle stops under the kitchen sink for yet another repeat customer. Made it home at 6:30 PM. Just another fun day.


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      Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

      This day started off like someone loaded a shotgun and pointed it right at everything that mattered.

      1st call was a 2 toilet repair, got to come back and do a faucet rebuild tomorrow.

      2nd call SUCKED! Dishwasher/Disposal Replacement. 5 hours, I took 1.5 hours off the bill because I worked till my B.S. was too low. Screwed everything up for normalcy, got to figure out a better way.

      Put the check the guy gave me in the truck, lost it less than 3 minutes later, spent 43 minutes looking for it in a truck that's so trashed that garbage men stop by asking for a job.

      Numerous calls came in today. Saturday looks like a day off but that's not realistic at this point.
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        Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

        Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post

        Put the check the guy gave me in the truck, lost it less than 3 minutes later, spent 43 minutes looking for it in a truck that's so trashed that garbage men stop by asking for a job.
        Low BS is a tough thing to deal with when your trying to get the job done. However, I have seen your truck and it seems like it would not take much to lose stuff. Do you keep your invoices and checks in a job box?

        "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

        I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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          Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

          Started the day @ 7 AM worked a bit on a bath remodel ( after prepping the truck for furnace jobs), still waiting for the brushed nickel thin sink pop-up's to finish this job

          Put on my HVAC hat and replaced two furnaces!! I was pretty proud of myself for getting both of them done The customers were happy because a cold front came through this afternoon

          Next went to a house across town and tapped a ductwork joint that was whistling...

          A good day!!! Time to cook a few of these bartered pieces of cow


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            Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

            Originally posted by PlumbingSkool View Post
            I took off today, But My son Had a Good time traveling today

            My Son's Work Day! He Just Would Not Drop The PVC Long Sweep

            Have fun watching his day

            Super Cute photos of the little boy. I'm sure you get all kinds of things accomplished with him around
            Measure TWICE - Cut ONCE! 'Cause the Lumber Stretcher is broken!
            I'd throw more things away, but I'm afraid someone might want them...
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              Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

              Went to look for a leak at an apartment I used to do the plumbing at. The property was sold, now another plumber does there work. He called me and there I am. Turned out two 3 by1.5 T's were cracked at the 1.5' I've replaced a few here before. It must have been a bad batch of fittings about 20 years ago. Pain in the neck job inside a narrow cabinet. It would be 10 minutes out in the open but it was 2.5 hours in the small access Then I was off to a lift pump swap out.


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                Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                Yesturday was awesome. I was at a gas station and a guy walked up to me and said you did work at my house (Augured a drain line) and you installed one of those bidets for me, I love that thing!!! Then a friend called me from Colorado because he installed a seat mount bidet I sent him about a month ago. He talked for 30 minutes on how much he loved it. and how his roids no longer give him trouble He is young in his 30's and has suffered from hemeroids since he was 22. That stuff makes my day.
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                  Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work


                  1st call - Looked at a stack replacement, very involved, hope he calls someone else to do it. It's going to suck and if I do it I'll definitely snap pictures of the rework. CI stack from toilet to toilet, 2nd floor to first is cracked wide open in the back. I'd rather snort comet than do this job, but if the money is there, I'll be there.

                  2nd call was a tub spout diverter problem I turned into a complete faucet replacement for saturday.

                  3rd call was lunch with my longest relationship, 8 years. She's married and we had lunch, she brought her cute 5 month old son. We then went to lowe's looking for an R/O system and a white faucet w/Air Gap. Couldn't find one so I'm ordering off ebay.

                  4th call was a finish up for a customer near to the shop. Delta T&S faucet leaking. I could of swore I replaced that cartridge and I did. She doesn't know that, and like a stupid idiot I used teflon thread sealant on the bonnet nut, and the inside of the chrome slip cover over the body. Never doing that again, and the only reason I did it was because I was too lazy to get plumber's grease. Fool! Have to send an invoice on that one.

                  5th call was a guy with a strong english accent. I don't know if the english are known for being hotheads but this guy got furious when I pulled the toilet that was leaking down into his basement. 15 months prior, there was a wood floor issue and under the new home warranty, they had to install a real wood floor instead of the floating floor that was removed.

                  What stuck in this customer's mind how fast the plumber pulled the toilet, how fast the plumber reinstalled it. The new wood floor recessed the toilet flange, when I pulled the toilet the toilet's wax ring wasn't even adhering to the flange. I pulled it up like I was lifting a wastebasket; no way it was sealing.

                  Did the screwdriver test to see how deep I could drive it into the OSB. Of course, it has been leaking for quite some time. The wife has serious problems with allergies, headaches. I wrote the bill to F'IN DESTROY the last plumber. Industry standard is the "closet flange must rest on top the finished floor surface" and there's no exception to that, ever.

                  Left there, came back to the shop, around 7pm.
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                    Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work


                    1st and only call, Switched out a 2 handle tub and shower faucet to a single handle delta faucet. Everything was going smooth till I opened the wall...

                    cpvc for the hot and cold. F**K!!! Customer was already on their way to HD so they brought me a few 1/2" sharkbite couplings to make the transition. That statement right there was 45 minutes fighting the cramped spaces to get those connected without busting connections down in the crawl space I'd never fit in to fix the water lines. Once I got that taken care of, I was home free, $500 was the bill.

                    Problem is, she gave me a debit card that won't run the charge till tuesday. Oh yeah, I go to McDonald's to eat and always order for 3 days later, yeah. Wasn't impressed with that ignorance but she did say that if I want that money fast enough, she'd get me cash and drop it off to me. I'm going to do the cc thing and call it the cost of doing business.

                    Given the success of this faucet install, I promise they will do this to their other bathroom since they have 4 daughters ranging from 12 to 21 and no more hot/cold shocks while showering anymore. That peace of mind will be priceless for this family. Finished product was fantastic, with the exception of the tub spout tilting slightly upwards. Damn stud was sitting dead center of the valve and I soldered the down pipe not making an adjustment on somehow getting that square.

                    Caulk fixed the slight 1/16" gap. Sitting on the toilet you might care, but I doubt it knowing there'll be stuff hanging off that diverter knob on the spout.

                    This husband and wife is in their mid 40's, both retired from the military, paid health insurance. He's now working as a physical rehabilitation therapist, she a stay at home mom now. They don't have any credit cards, pay for everything with their own money as they need it.

                    Must be friggin nice! But, I'd never trade my shoes with anyone. Guy was suffering from a dehabilitating migraine that went from bothersome, to bad, to unreal before I left. It wasn't the bill either. He was hiding in a dark room upstairs when I was leaving. Migraines are nothing to take lightly.

                    Got a water heater to install tomorrow before noon and can't find the damn name of the customer, the phone number OR the location. Great. Searched my phone banks tonight and yielded nothing.

                    Hopefully he'll call around noon to ask "Where in the **** are you?"
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                    • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                      you are a freakin' peach. Lose a customer's contact info like that. I bet you somehow end up smelling like a rose, and get to humiliate a grinder to boot.


                      • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                        Originally posted by Bogart View Post
                        you are a freakin' peach. Lose a customer's contact info like that. I bet you somehow end up smelling like a rose, and get to humiliate a grinder to boot.

                        Woooohooo! He called about 11:30, told him straight up I lost his number and couldn't find it.

                        That was my first and only call. Took awhile to do and glad it's done. I told him straight up that if I knew the work involved in changing it out, I would of cancelled. It's a memory, that's all I care about.

                        1 call came in for tomorrow, got 3 on the board and I really need a day off to recover.

                        This is the second person that has paid me with delayed point of sale. Odd but I'll post if it backfires.
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                        • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                          I'd rather have your day Dunbar. Been down since Thursday, had to have a couple kidney stone removed, still got that stint tube in me until Wednesday. Real misery!
                          info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                            Called to get a bobcat delivered to the jobsite.
                            Called to get a wet tap for this morning.
                            Called the fire marshal to get him coming my way for this afternoon.
                            Stop at farm that I lease, pick up 12 - 60 pound bags of quickcrete.,
                            Picked up my helper at 8:00
                            Stopped for biscut a chick-fil-a.
                            Stopped at wally world to get some chlorine in powder form.
                            Jobsite by 8:45
                            Bobcat delivered at 9:30
                            Wet tap man arrives 9:35
                            Bull **** and set tapping machine, make a 6" on 6" wet tap.
                            Wet tap man gone by 9:15
                            Start to lay 6" ductile, open gland packs and crapola, sent transition gaskets instead of mechanical joint gaskets.
                            Trip to underground pipe supply house.
                            Back to jobsite by 10:30
                            Lay first joint of pipe from new tap towards building with chlorine in pipe.
                            Lay second joint of pipe in ditch with slick end under the footer so that both bells are facing each other, go inside of building and put on 6" mj 90*.
                            Mix up 3 bags of concrete and pour kicker behind new wet tap so that we have something to push against.
                            Go outside measure between the bells and cut a short piece and bevel ends, grease, and try to pull together, no go. Pull apart bevel ends better grease it up and slips right together (belled them up with a chain and the bobcat).
                            Eat lunch at Buddy's bbq, mmmmm gooooood, pork plate with beans and fries and a big sweet tea.
                            It's about 2:30
                            Cut the flange x plain end peice to 1'-0" above finish floor and bolt it in.
                            Pour 9 bags of quickcrete for kicker and call the fire marshal to see whyy he never called me back as promised. He returned my call and said he would be there shortly.
                            Pulled tracer wire.
                            Looked it over said it looked good and signed off on it.
                            Back filled with #57 stone and filled with water, no pressure just a fill up.
                            Need about a half load of rock to finish.
                            Left coming home at 4:15
                            stop by the bank for my helper and called for rock to be delivered in the morning, bastards kept me on hold til the office closed, oh well.
                            Home by 5:15.

                            Wife is frying bacon and it smells good!!



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                              Originally posted by papadan View Post
                              I'd rather have your day Dunbar. Been down since Thursday, had to have a couple kidney stone removed, still got that stint tube in me until Wednesday. Real misery!

                              Oh man, that sucks and I've never been cut open for one, but I know what it's like when they pass or don't pass; either way it's unbearable. Like a telephone pole shoved through your side and no one can pull it out.

                              Been eating lots of rich foods lately? Lot's of softdrinks? That'll do it.

                              Hoping for a quick recovery on that one.
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                              • Re: Your Work Day---Details of your Work

                                Another day another dollar and life is getting very stressful. Trying to keep up with the work load that failed today with me tossing two main drain calls.

                                One for a telemarketer *good move* and the other down in the worst town next to cincinnati. *another good move*.

                                Ist call, kitchen sink clog, almost felt like stealing the money from them. The Spartan 81 by far is a drain cleaner's luxury model, just heavy like a Mercedes. I went top down, just put enough water in the drain to watch it go when I hit the clog. The wastewater rocked like a boat so I knew I had a belly in the pipe. Explained the situation fully and told that it will happen again.

                                2nd call that turned into a freaking fiasco:

                                Lady was without water since friday, her brother turned it off *in his 70's* and this lady had no water whatsoever the entire weekend and today her nephew had diarrheaa with no water for the toilet. ! They was porta pottying this kid in the bedroom. DAMN! Anyway, I get the water back on even though there's leaks everywhere and the gauge is pegging 110 psi with water shooting everywhere. I upsell protection *PRV/EXP tank* and a new main shutoff since the long stemmed gate valve wasn't holding back.

                                Had to beat the hell out of the frozen ground to remove the meter lid to shut down at the street. Get back inside, start to get my work started and my back is throbbing from 2 solid days of work this weekend and I'm already taking off tuesday; no workie for me because I've reached my limit in physical pain right now.

                                I get the PRV/main valve in, go to install the expansion tank at the heater and I keep smelling gas. It's either a leak or me, didn't wash my clothes or me from the day before and I was getting gamey, even though my wh**re bath didn't do enough. I tell her to call Duke energy to just double check if I'm right or wrong....

                                Found 5 leaks in this gas line system and they are the WORST 5 leaks you could ever imagine in regards to location.

                                Water heater has to be pulled out to gain access to 3 of the leaks

                                Leak #5 is in the middle of the system, which is a bushing, a item that is to be removed

                                A gas line to the stove has to be reworked with a gas valve because a flexi in the basement is so curled up from someone not knowing to tighten the connection without turning the pipe. Duyeeeaeee!!!

                                This now gas line job is going to take a better part of a day, got no "close" place to set up my tripod to hand thread this entire piping system. 1-1/8" is what it looks like is the main trunk line. Sure would be nice if ridgid would send me a 700 threader between now and wednesday morning. Not gonna happen.

                                Anyway, this job was expanding from the go and this lady seems grateful I caught all the gas leaks. But, up to the upstairs and this faucet that has been leaking, which brought me to the home,

                                This faucet appeared to be a 600 series Delta roughed too far into the wall. Upon closer inspection, this isn't a delta faucet, it is a "federal" and I've never heard of one, the design of this faucet is unreal.

                                It has a bonnet nut similar to delta, but the pivot ball is a cover over a permanently affixed ball. Camber washer comes in a huge clip that sits/locks into the housing, then the bonnet nut tightens up.

                                While I was in the basement talking to the owner and the gas guy, the guy upstairs breaks the faucet. Oh wait, !

                                Now, this faucet turns side to side instead of up and down, still leaks. Have to put it in a certain position or it won't work. Keeps cutting seat cups and I truly believe this is not a delta product.

                                I sent her to my website tonight to sell her that "one finger operation" of a delta faucet. She's curious to know how much the gas line will cost before thinking any further into the idea of replacing that shower faucet.

                                If this all plays out where I take care of the shower faucet as well, I've turned a simple faucet leaking into a $1300 job with addressing everything that needed to done, along with giving this elderly woman peace of mind that her house isn't going to blow up, rupture water lines and have a shower that doesn't need constant repair. I must say, that's true salesmanship that never once used pressure, just divulging errors in the plumbing system.

                                3rd call was clogged toilet. $50 for 5 minutes less than 5 minutes from the house, good repeat customer and their blood pressure medication has me unclogging that toilet almost monthly now.

                                Off to sleep for 8 hours, I hope. Click image for larger version

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