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The 15 minute plane ride

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  • The 15 minute plane ride

    this didn't personally happen to me but i feel that i need to share this with you.

    about 50 miles south of rankin is a little town called whale cove.

    the company i work for often has tradesmen taking the 15 minute flight to work there.

    one of the guys is going through a divorce right know and has been feeling, a little under the weather shall we say.

    i guess a couple of weeks back this guy was brought up to the rankin airport and sent off to whale cove to do some work.

    about half an hour after the guy takes off the boss gets a call at the office here in rankin. it was the guy at the whale cove airport. he asked my boss, "what the funk am i doing in whale cove?!".

    nobody realized how loaded the worker dude was when he left and i guess he had a little power nap between rankin and whale. just enough time to sober up.

    i understand all went well after all was said and done.