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Bizarre blond moment

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  • Bizarre blond moment

    So I wasn't there for this one, I took the day off today and just got the story from the guy who was there.

    Old house cut up into apts, whole house lift station in basement laundry room. Pump died and it's pretty awful. Pit overflowing, lots of water and turds and paper and corn on the floor. So he pulls the lid and pulls the pump out and it's toast, and goes to get a replacement, and...

    Returns to find the painfully hot blond female tennant standing in it barefoot sorting her laundry into the machine...

    'Um, gulp... Hi. It'd be better if you didn't start that machine just yet.'

    "Oh!, Gosh! I'm sorry!...They told me it was ok."

    "Uh, well, it'd be better to wait 'til I get this pump in... And, uh, you should probably wash your feet."

    blank stare....not getting it..."Uh, Ok."
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.

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    Re: Bizarre blond moment

    did you forget

    hot blonds $hit doesn't stink

    phoebe it is