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  • Called out of retirement---

    I recently received a phone call from a local manufacturing company I have never had any contact with. It seems they have a problem with some of their plastic molding machines leaking huge amounts of oil all of a sudden. I used to work for a company that had a lot of large/huge plastic molding machines. One of the workers at this facility told management about me and my experience. I agreed to go and talk with them about this problem. After we talked and they showed me the machines, which I am familiar with, somewhere in the discussion it came up that the machines did not start leaking until they changed brands of oil. BINGO! First we check the compatibility of the two oils, and I find that they changed over after getting a corporate directive to go to a "Fire Proof Oil". There is no such thing, some hydraulic oils have a higher flash point and are not "as likely" to catch fire around hot surfaces as molding machines have. The next question I had for them was -"Did you do any research as to the compatibility of the "O" rings in the hydraulic system with this new oil?" Well NO, they just changed over due to corporate directives. BINGO again! I advised them to check with the oil supplier as to the compatibility of the "Buna/Buna-N" type "O"-rings and the new oil vs, "Viton or Teflon coated Buna-N type "O"-rings". BINGO another time. The oil supplier stated in writing that their oil IS NOT compatible with Buna or Buna-N "O"-rings--PERIOD! Viton and/or Teflon coated Buna/Buna-N "O"-rings must be used. Now, the company must change out all of the "O"-rings in these machines, many, many "O"-rings. Fortunately for me, I am now under contract to advise on this project. This same scenario happened when I worked for the other company before retirement. Experience pays. David

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    Re: Called out of retirement---

    So many have the confidence and ego to make the wrong decisions.

    Good job.