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  • This felt awesome today

    Had to go up to a plumbing supply house today in Evendale Ohio that formerly used to be in downtown Cincinnati, but thanks to what's commonly found people in the urban element, everything that is bad and evil and gun toting, they had to shut down as they got robbed 3 times in one year. Can't make money like that when you're in an area of thugs that do not care.

    Anyway, the new location is not that like before, and far better. I go inside and sure enough, here comes a guy that I worked with when I was a union service plumber over 11 years ago.

    This guy when I worked with him took issue with me drinking cheap soft drinks when I packed my lunch.

    Y' the time I thought it was kind of rude, as I hadn't worked with this guy not even 2 weeks, and he's got a problem with what I drink? $3.00 a 12 pack is hard to beat back then.

    So be it.

    This guy is working for another company, working his tail off probably far harder than me over the years and doing what he's told to do, not what he wants to do.

    I was so tempted to smear him in an opportune moment of how that minimal spending back in the day furthered my agenda, OUTSIDE of the union, and not only am I running 1 successful plumbing company but working on others in the same upward motion.

    And then this guy goes to pay for his materials, and the company credit card for the company he works for, gets declined.

    I was there for a new C-cutter I had to take back and grind down the edge where it locks into the end of my cable. I didn't end up using it today but I don't call it a wasted trip either. Especially meeting this guy 11 years later being the cocky attitude he was back then and I'm operating without someone doing it for me.

    That guy sat in that supply house for I know, 15 minutes waiting for the company he works for come up with a way to pay for materials he just tried to pay for. His company credit card was declined for an amount under $50 when he tried to pay for the materials. The company he works for is union, a big one and like numerous big and small plumbing companies in my area, they are hurting immensely due to the economy.

    I think this guy eventually paid for the materials himself as he got tired of waiting, and I guess they'll put it on his paycheck.

    This guy probably felt as tall as the pack of 5 aerators on the counter.

    So here's my statement to you, former employee:

    I enjoyed my visit today, you made it worth it to see you, probably not even making $2 more on the hour in the past 11 years than when I last saw you.

    It felt good to see you stuck in a rut you'll probably see the side of the road again, because the behind the counter guys ridiculed him by saying he's worked for everybody this side of the river.

    If I had one of those cheap soft drinks you made fun of me drinking that day 11 years ago..I would of ran out to my truck, brought it in and put it on the counter, offered it with a statement...

    "11 years ago you thought it was funny I saved money where I could. It's funny your not making money 11 years later, and from the looks of your current situation (declined credit card) that some things haven't changed for the better."

    I would of paid $200 to have a cheap can of soda pop in my hand to give to this fellow...and I hope his eyes land on these printed words.

    I cannot describe how invigorating that felt today.
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