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i've been duped

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  • i've been duped

    there's a reason why i don't work for complete strangers.

    got a call friday from a person asking about a sewer inspection on a home they were in escrow on. so i spoke to the husband and gave him my rate for a complete inspection with dvd, location and reports for the owner and realtors. he wanted to get a better price. told him that if i go there and there is no cleanout, i would charge him $45.00 for my show up and look around.

    he wanted a price without all the reports and locations. so i gave him a price based on just a video and no locations or report other than the audio on the dvd.

    owner: ok, i'll get back to you if we need you at 4pm.

    i called at 3:30 to the wife's cell as i didn't hear from them and figured i'll give them a call. she was surprised i called and said she was expecting me at 4. no problem i'll be there at 4 or a few minutes late.

    met her and the realtor at 4:05 look around and found a 1.5'' c/o at the rear , attached to the laundry of the detached garage. told her i'll try from there and see if i can make it out to the street. the house was built in the 20's and had large ficus next to the driveway.

    push out and all is good until the 52' mark and i come to a stop. water is building up and i tell her that i should do the full inspection as the line is full of roots and i should locate it, make a report and give her something to show the sellers. this being a $750k house that's sat empty for the last few months.

    she acted surprised that i was going to charge her
    i figured she had already spoken to her husband

    she asked if i was newton no, i'm plumber rick

    she explained that newton was going to do it for free and she thought i was newton. of course it was now 5pm and he hadn't showed up.

    so i pack my stuff and collect my $45.00.

    tell me how anyone will run a camera, make a dvd, report for the realtors and collect $0.00. for a complete stranger

    best part of it was the realtor was finished. he left with me too.

    she writes the check and their primary home is in beverly hills. this is just a secondary home for them or their kid

    i was recommended from the home inspector.

    there's a reason why i don't solicit work. or work for complete strangers.

    was i duped

    phoebe it is

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    Re: i've been duped

    I bet there was no Newton, or anyone else for that matter. It was all a setup. I am sorry you got duped Rick. Sadly there are more people out there doing stuff like that to contractors than a little bit.
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      Re: i've been duped

      Sorry amigo, Just remember who they are what goes around comes around.
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        Re: i've been duped

        Sorry man! It's people like that...that give customers a bad name


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          Re: i've been duped

          At some point in time aren't all customers strangers. I guess I meet about 3-4 new strangers a day. I REALLY like new strangers. And sometimes those strangers turn into repeat customers and other refurrels.
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            Re: i've been duped

            point is i go by referrals only. i don't advertise. i get new customers several times a week. but they might be stranger's to me, but not to the customer of mine that referred me.

            my whole business is made of referrals. no advertising at all.

            in this case the referral came from the home inspector that didn't know them.

            1500 plus customers and i found 1 that is a lemon

            phoebe it is


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              Re: i've been duped

              hell you didn't get duped. you got your $45.00 bucks. you got jerked around. what i'd like to know is how you can camera a line for $45.00 bucks? i know things are cheaper in california, but in indiana i would tell you that you had a bad connection and hang up on you for $45.00 bucks. breid.......................


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                Re: i've been duped

                the $45.00 price was if i came out and found no c/o to camera from.

                i ended up charging them the $45. because i came out, even though i camered the line for the first 50'. i hadn't made a dvd or located the line at this point.

                the only reason why i stopped is i gave her the price for doing a complete inspection. that's when she asked me if i was newton. up to this point, she thought i was the free company and i thought she knew my price from speaking to her husband earlier in the day.

                phoebe it is


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                  Re: i've been duped

                  If it was me, I would not have called the people back up after they started to haggle on price, and especially after hearing that they will get back to me if they need me. That is a huge red flag in my book. I take that as they thought I was to expensive, and they are trying to find someone cheaper.

                  Maybe I've lost out on work because of it, but I only have a handful of slow days a year, so I don't worry about a price shopping customer.