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standing my ground for the customer

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    Re: standing my ground for the customer

    i keep the common stems, seat kits for 99% of everything along with o-rings, packings and misc. the ceramic stems i keep for the common stuff that i service. then most of the toilet parts. remember it's called service and repair. not sell and replace

    it gets replaced if it's beyond servicing.

    the longer you're in the service and repair business, the more parts you collect. there is going to be times when the stock gets stale as the manufactures move away from old school parts and into new school parts.

    i was just at the shop friday and noticed i had over 100 ballcocks new school and still a couple dozen old school ballcocks. 1990 was the phasing out of old school ballcocks as everything went to low flow.

    the longer you've been at it, the more room you have for inventory, the more stuff you buy and collect. there will always be old stock you eat. '

    phoebe it is


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      Re: standing my ground for the customer

      Just talked to a new potential customer and found out she was having on of the large flat rate companies coming out well I told her that she would love my prices then. Then she says she is going to call and cancel. So I have thought of a new slogan for the T&M guys . Insert your company name diapointing flat rate plumbing company's everywhere we go ! Hell maybe we should put it on a billboard!