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my "lug nuts" are leaking

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  • my "lug nuts" are leaking

    had a job yesterday that the customer called and told me the lug nuts on his water heater are leaking

    this is a 2 year old home and i figured i would look at it to see if the wheels were falling off

    turns out his lug nuts are actually the bolts that hold the flange together for his circulating pump.

    his pump is not plugged in as the line circulates by itself due to temperature differential since his heater is ground floor in the garage and the house is 2 stories.

    cut out the pump assembly and propressed the pipes back together after draining and flushing the 75 gallon heater.

    and i thought i was going to see my first heater on wheels


    notice the seismic strap for those not in earthquake land.
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    phoebe it is

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    Re: my "lug nuts" are leaking

    Is there a check valve on the return line?


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      Re: my "lug nuts" are leaking

      never was and it still auto circulates

      the house is right around the corner from your auto parts store

      phoebe it is