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my sink overflowed when running the dishwasher

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  • my sink overflowed when running the dishwasher

    long time customer of mine in her late 70's called me just now and told me the sink overflowed when they were running the dishwasher last night.

    said the kitchen floor was full of soap suds

    of course her being a retired doctor and me being an aspiring doctor, we spoke shop

    take 2 aspirin and use the proper soap in your dishwasher next time

    had her check the soap bottle and run the sink. all is fine

    you can get dressed now

    a mere 2 minute phone consultation. and i told her that she will make the forum once i hang up.

    cost $0.00 priceless

    not as bad as the 3 college girls i had to show how to work the dishwasher as they too were using dish washing soap

    or the foreign guy that thought the dishwasher was a trash compactor

    and the family that just moved into their 1.5m home and had what they thought was a sewer leak/ smell. i guess the last people forgot to take out the trash from the cabinet garbage compartment

    phoebe it is

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    Re: my sink overflowed when running the dishwasher

    When the aliens do come to assimilate us, you are going to make an excellent pet
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