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Keep your duck out of the sink.

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  • Keep your duck out of the sink.

    Installed a disposer couple months ago for good customer, sweet little old lady. Couple weeks later she calls and says it's making a funny noise, tell her to run some ice cubes and water, probably seed or something hung up in grind chamber and call me if still a problem. Go out today to get a toilet working, Sloan flushmate, ask about the disposer, well she says its still making noise. Check it out, yup its making a vibrating noise, insinkerator essentials, hand on unit while running seems normal, cheapo ss sink, scratch the noggin, hey a porcelin duck on the deck, could it be, yes! Duck vibrating just enough to kinda sound like bad motor bearings or something. She was embarrassed, normally keeps it on the window sill.

    Got another item to check off after a install when I give a proper use of disposer talk. NO DUCKS IN THE SINK! lol

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    Re: Keep your duck out of the sink.

    Sounds like shes a
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