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  • butt whupping

    So, do a few jobs, get the fires put out. I'm not at my best today and trying to be at least thorough if I can't be fast. Doing ok and the rest of it all will just have to wait. I'm ragged out from ten yeterday and I'm pushing what can be pushed and juggling the others because a jetter decided to shove a rod through it's crankcase and I'm sending that van to jobs it can still do and taking the ones that might need it myself.

    get it wrapped, take a shower and settle in to look for an engine and get a sink call.

    try to push it and they want it tonight... ok, just a sink, right?

    nightmare job.

    4 story condo building. I've been there before and it's always strange there. old building, odd layout, odd drain routings.

    turns out to be three sinks, one on the top floor, two on the third which is part of the same unit.

    Start on the third floor vanity which is right under the 4th floor kitchen. Can't do anything with it. It's 1 1/4 copper and I'm getting tons of rust out of it... wtf? copper don't rust... goes to iron or galvy later I assume. The cabinet has this darn bar in the middle of it and I can only get a tiny bucket in to catch the water. Go to a cable. It's getting deflected up the stack a million times and I finally give up and cam and watch it down. Get 25 feet in and nothing. 25 feet should have taken me well down below to the 2nd floor, probably below the first. The access is crap and killing me so I figure I'll jet the kitchen above and maybe get them both.

    Bad idea.

    I've got all kinds of stuff in place to catch the mess when I pop the kitchen clog and it comes out the vanity below, but not nearly enough. It EXPLODED.

    My blanket on the carpet at the vanity has about 5 lb of scale in it. The bucket I had there was 2" deep in rust/scale at the bottom. soaked through my blanket and got the carpet, etc.

    All the 1968 traps are frozen in and fall apart, crack, all of the above, etc. I've got 25 1 1/2 traps at the shop and none on the van because I used them all yesteday.

    Blew a mini jetter hose 3" from my hand and soaked myself and the area, and was glad to do it as 3" different and I'd have injected my skin instead.

    everything is old, rigged, corroded, frozen in place, and falling apart. Crap tinfoil metal traps, decades old, pinhole leak barnacles all over them, effing just exactly enough left to fool me into trying to use them to get by for the night so they can disintegrate and screw me.

    I hate that building. I hope they stick me with the carpet bill so I can have some lame reason to tell them to go to hell the next time they call. I hope, really, that everyone will understand that this is all ancient and bare minimum when installled decades ago and that i just cant win with nothing and that it takes lots of time to fight decades of neglect and getarounds.

    I go back tomorrow to put things better, if not right. right would take a forgiving ins co and a few phosphorous grenades and some strategically placed jugs of gas. Gots a heck af a nice view from the deck. about all that can be said for it.

    it's just a sink, right?
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.

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    Re: butt whupping

    Yep , again go with your gut instinct..Those are the nightmare jobs. Things turn to shi* in an instant and takes you a full day instead on an hour..I know you love your job as much as I do..
    ''Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Benjamin Franklin


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      Re: butt whupping

      I got stressed just reading that, I feel for ya.


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        Re: butt whupping

        Originally posted by stolen View Post
        I got stressed just reading that, I feel for ya.
        Damn Alex...

        Thanks for the bump Stolen.I missed this one.