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  • My Friend and casual helper

    We were installing a backflow valve on a woman's sewer line. I had jackhammered the floor, located the sewer and cut out a 3 foot section of the sewer. Beside this section that I had cut out, we dug a 3 foot deep hole in order to install a sump pit. The woman of the house knew that she could not use any water. And she didn't. No surprise poo for me from her.
    Part way though through the job, Brian asked if he could take a bathroom break. Because we had been working over a cut sewer line all day, I didn't think that I needed to mention to B not to flush the toilet.
    You already know what happened next. In Brian's defence, most people just flush out of habit. I'VE even flush the toilet while working on an open sewer.
    I was sitting beside the sewer when I heard the flush. I waited to see if it was going to be yellow or brown. I was praying for yellow. I got brown.
    The turd came out of the open sewer and dropped into the summp pit that I had just dug. Toilet paper followed. Then more poo. A few seconds later, soapy water came out the sewer line. At least he washes his hands.
    Brian exited the bathroom and the woman excitedly asked "So it's okay to use the bathroom now?!". That's when it hit Brian. He knew what he had just done. He explained to the lady that he had made a mistake and that , no, it was not okay to use the bathroom.
    Well, the lady knew exactly what this meant. She knew that one of Brian's log's was sitting in the sump pit. When Brian meekly came back into the room I was in, he apologized. I accepted then informed him that he would have to clean up the duke from the sump pit. He used a shovel to put the poo in a bucket.
    He took the bucket of poo out to the truck and put it on the dirt pile that was in the back of the 1/2 Ton.
    The next few minutes were a back and forth between Brian and I about how he should of known that he could not flush and that I should have reminded him not to.
    The job went on. Brian asked if I needed the heavy jackhammer anymore. I said I didn't, so he carried it all the way back to the truck. When he came back down, I was the one that had to apologize. I needed the hammer again. He had to lug that heavy thing all the way back down to the basement, then back up again when I was done. The whole day had kinda been like that. When we had everything installed, and I was backfilling our hole with rock and soil, I realised that we needed more backfill and sent Brian out to get some.
    He brought it down and I dug my cement trowel into it and put the dirt into the low spots. That's when I smelled something TERRIBLE. My first thought was that I must have not hooked the backwater on properly and the sewer had leaked. It smelled like crap. It stunk so bad that I had to take a moment to get control of my gag reflex. Still debating whether I should dig the sewer back up to check, I got another scoop of dirt from the backfill that Brian brought me. I put it in another low spot and I smelled that terrible smell AGAIN. I asked Brian if he had farted. He denied it. I was suspicious.That's when it hit me. When Brian went to the 1/2 ton to get some dirt, he accidentally dug up his crap from earlier and put it into my bucket for backfill.
    I barfed into my mouth. The poo had been baking outside for a few hours, so when I dug my trowel into it, the smell was even greater than normal poo. It was extra stinky poo.
    Some people say that us contractors leave a little bit of ourselves at each job site. At this job, this is quite literal in Brian's case.

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    Re: My Friend and casual helper

    As the Donald says ..Sorry Brian You're fired !
    ''Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Benjamin Franklin


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      Re: My Friend and casual helper

      I put blue masking tape on all toilet and faucet handles !
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: My Friend and casual helper

        $hit happens

        phoebe it is


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          Re: My Friend and casual helper

          Duke, as an apprentice we were working on my ex-girlfriends place, had a blocked sewer. Yes she did the deed on us too.


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            Re: My Friend and casual helper

            its always worse when you know who'se poo it is