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thanks to the dept. of transportation officer for being real.

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  • thanks to the dept. of transportation officer for being real.

    had a jetting job that i scheduled for today/ wednesday due to the fact that there was street cleaning restrictions on the side of the block i need to work with my truck and jetter trailer. this was the only chance of getting a parking space in front of the building for my 40' truck and trailer.

    figured if i got the $55.00 ticket, it would just be the cost of doing business.

    but there was common sense with the ladot/ l.a. dept. of transportation. these are the ones that enforce parking/ meters.

    the officer saw my truck, trailer and cones and ignored me for the 2 hours i was parked. when i was leaving he drove by and i waived him over to thank him for not ticketing me. turns out he uses everyday common sense and knows what challenges people in the trades face. real nice guy with real life smarts.

    wish all d.o.t. officers were like this.

    thanks for thinking like a person and not a number.

    phoebe it is

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    Re: thanks to the dept. of transportation officer for being real.

    They need to send him to NY city to do some training. I have over 100 parking ticket stories about parking in NYC. This is the best one. Contractor had a road closure & permit, because they needed the room to set up a 300-ton crane to unload my trucks. One of my trucks that is delivering material to the job backed up to the crane got a $330.00 parking ticket. $110.00 for the tractor, $110.00 for the trailer he was hooked to, & $110.00 for the trailer they decked on him. Cop told him he is not allowed to park in the middle of the street ( that was closed, so we could get our job done) & if it has a tag on it it gets a ticket. I charge an extra $100.00 for every load I send to NYC just to cover the tickets I might get.