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Unmarked Utility NIGHTMARE!

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  • Unmarked Utility NIGHTMARE!

    We just finished a sewer lateral for a customer that had to be directional bored under a main road. It turned into a NIGHTMARE! because after we called in 2 stake outs, one of the utility companies never came and marked their utilities. So we are digging near the manhole and we hit a 3 inch HDPE conduit with cable main inside of it. Awesome. Apparently it was a main cable trunk line. It set us back by about 4.5 hours while we waited for the company to come and check everything. We weren't responsible for hitting any of the lines because they weren't staked out but it caused such a headache >.< The company that didn't mark their utilities will remain un-named because .. I don't want them to shut off my internet :P Check out our new website and let me know what you all think BTW. -->Rochester Plumbers <-- ... Thanks!

    (Oh yeah, the crazy thing is, I have a Ridgid Navitrack, and if you set it to 60hz frequency, you can pick up cable lines! I had no idea these cable lines were in the ground though, so why would I have gotten out the Navitrack?)

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    Re: Unmarked Utility NIGHTMARE!

    It's truely amazing how much stuff is right under the surface that nobody even thinks about. When my dad used to do trencher work we hit a 4" water line that was marked to be about 50 feet away.


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      Re: Unmarked Utility NIGHTMARE!

      I don't do much of this BUT,I lay out a 100 ft. tape of a curb or the old oak tree and snap Pictures of all the pretty paint marks ! A real A$$ SAVER
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: Unmarked Utility NIGHTMARE!

        Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
        I don't do much of this BUT,I lay out a 100 ft. tape of a curb or the old oak tree and snap Pictures of all the pretty paint marks ! A real A$$ SAVER
        When I was laying pipe all foremen had disposable cameras * and took pic's of all paint marks before a shovel even went into the ground.
        On big jobs someone was assigned the task of videoing the entire site, and foremen still responsible for pic's of each dig.

        The locating utility also takes pics but those always seam to disappear for some reason.

        * they tried digital cameras but too many problems.
        batteries dead
        lost the camera with 4 jobs worth of pics
        not transferring pics to cpu

        Went with disposable
        batteries always good
        only holds X amount of pic's. once full write job info on it and turn it in with nightly paperwork to be filed in job box.
        No need to develop unless something comes up within a year.
        Cheap way to CYA!
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          Re: Unmarked Utility NIGHTMARE!

          You need to buy a seektech unit so that you can do blind sweeps before any underground job. I find lots of mistakes by the locating guys. I call them because it's the law but I do my own locates before every job it has saved my ***. You can do it with the navitrack but it doesn't have some of the needed features of the seektech. But for right now have one of your guys walk with whatever transmitter you have while you walk a few feet away from him with the navitrack to do sweeps before you dig. There are a lot of write ups from ridgid on it.
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