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  • Stupid attack

    We all make mistakes now and then, but today I had a major stupid attack!!

    Customer calls up a few days ago, and wants an estimate on replacing 2 tub/shower valves, 2 lav faucets, and a kitchen sink faucet.

    Dad sends ME on the estimate...

    Customer had 2 Moen tub/shower valves and trim installed, and he wanted Kohler fixtures installed.

    He had no access what-so-ever, and I explained I can still install those Kohler valves and trim, but I gave him an alternative with just replacing the trim on both tub and showers if he wanted to just change the look and save money. Him and his wife love that idea and said they would pick some trim out.

    While I was there, I really didn't look too hard at the tub/shower faucet, because I'm so use to everything being posi temp around here. So I told them to make sure they bought "POSI TEMP TRIM".

    Yesterday customer calls and says "all parts are in, come whenever it's convenient for you".

    So this morning I was looking up his address on the county website, and I happen to see his house was built in 1989! My heart started to pound, because I know Posi temp wasn't around back then.

    I get to the job and the first thing I did was....check the tub/shower faucets again.

    They both were old school Moen (push and pulls) and my heart sunk!

    Needless to say, they couldn't have the brush nickel finished they wanted, as they had to have chrome because that's all Moen offered in that besides polish brass.

    Told them they could still have it, but had to change out the valve, and they said "No, we are fine with chrome" which = "we liked the fact we saved money on changing the look with changing the valve".

    My dad gets to the job and doesn't say a word to me about the mess up, until after the job was over, and we went to lunch. .

    He says.. "Son, I just have 1 thing to say...did you learn your lesson today?".

    He knew darn well that was totally my fault!!!.

    The lesson in this is...let's not be in a rush all the time.

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    Re: Stupid attack

    be there done that many times! well not exactly the same situation lol. well at least your dad wasnt mad at you!!!


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      Re: Stupid attack

      Originally posted by MissHailey View Post
      be there done that many times! well not exactly the same situation lol. well at least your dad wasnt mad at you!!!
      I get hollered at every single day! Italian families show love in mysterious ways.

      The day my father stops hollering...I'll worry.