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    Re: are you kidding me

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    had a new customer referral this morning. they complained of a leak behind the dishwasher when the sink was running. they had already removed the dishwasher

    i had the customer send me a couple of photos to my phone before i went out there. didn't look good and when i got there i was thinking wtf

    the dishwasher hose was shoved into a 1.5'' test tee behind the dishwasher with no air gap or real connection. just the hose into the open tee.

    the kitchen sink had a 2'' c/o outside that i snaked from with my k-50 to clear the stoppage.

    upon opening the sink cabinet, i was even more shocked to what i found

    needless to say, they have some fixing to do. they bought the hose 2 years ago and not sure what the home inspector wrote up. but i wrote up a fix it with some photos attached.


    dishwasher drain running into test tee behind the dishwasher. no air gap or water tight connection.

    both compartments are actually trapped. the water is just inches from the strainer.
    good god really impressive thinking involved there! and they actually lived with that
    im glad your fixing that mess
    shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

    coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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      Re: are you kidding me

      No fix by me. Only cleared the drain and explained the mess to them.

      Wrote it up and emailed it to them.

      Not sure if they ever fixed it, as I was there as a referral to their normal plumber who couldn't get there.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: are you kidding me

        My boss thinks i play games and chat while working in the office. All the social networking sites aka SNS have been blocked on the computers and as far as games are concerned..they track every bit of detail..still she thinks like this..she called me and i just said are you kidding me?
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          Re: are you kidding me

          while servicing an industrial automation communications system today
          I was checking the station plc panels and found spray bottles of lite weight lube oil hidden in the panel cabinet
          (this stuff was moderately flammable)
          this prompted me to check the motor controller cabinet.
          and i found a bottle of additive for the uv printer systems
          this stuff consisted of methanol, ethyl alcohol and butanone.
          (far more volatile than gasoline) (( in a 3 phase contactor cabinet)).
          talk about a disaster waiting to happen.
          what the hell were these people thinking
          hell we dont have to worry about terrorists when this type of stupidity will do the job for them
          immediately filed a safety report after i calmed down enough
          shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

          coffee hell gimme booze!!!