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A good deed doesn't go unnoticed

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  • A good deed doesn't go unnoticed

    On my way home today driving next to the elementary school, water was spraying over the fence and 1/2 way into a busy street. Cars were passing over the middle lane so as not to get washed.

    I pull over and look through the fence to spot a hose bibb missing the stem and just running full bore.

    I pull into the teachers parking lot, grab 2 channelocks and a 4 way bibb key. Waalk into the school and run into 2 teachers talking. Told them what I saw and we walked over. The stem was laying on the ground and I look around to find a shut off for the semi portable classroom in the playground. Found a buried valve under a flooded valve box lid. Reached in and turned off the water and screwed in the loose key stem. Looks like the loose key bonnet, packing nut was missing and someone over opened the stem and it popped out. The janitor came over and was thankfull as he didn't know where to shut it off.

    After showing them and impressing a few of the faculty, I gave out my card and expect a couple calls to come in. Not bad for me as an alumni of the school class of 1975.

    phoebe it is

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    Re: A good deed doesn't go unnoticed

    Your a good man Rick, I can see a lot of people just driving past

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