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Plumbers still make house calls

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  • Plumbers still make house calls

    1 of my very good customers who is a very prestigious Beverly hills plastic surgeon called me tonight and was concerned about a leak coming from their guest toilet onto the hardwood floors. he was getting the info from his wife and relaying to me.

    after speaking to him and his wife, they shut the water off to the entire house. at 9:45 pm. his son got home and I made a drive over there to see if I can fix the issue so they have water in the morning.

    the dr. is still not home but he texted me.

    "I really appreciate your dedicated service in coming over tonight. I owe you one. R******"

    My response- "plumbers still make house calls"

    his reply " you clearly saved the patient tonight. great job."

    I guess next time I need a boob job, I will take him up on his offer

    this is a prime reason why no advertising is needed. sure he was prepared to wait until the morning, but at the time, I wasn't sure if it was a stoppage coming up from below the toilet.


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    phoebe it is

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    Re: Plumbers still make house calls

    Congratulations Rick, good old honest service as usual.

    As a side note ease up on the shakes or he will be doing a boob reduction. eheheheheehheeehehehee. No offence intended Rick......!!!!!


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      Re: Plumbers still make house calls

      A present for your wife would be a win


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        Re: Plumbers still make house calls

        I guess you showed true professionalism out there and that is a best thing to do..
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