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800 partying with nowhere to go

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  • 800 partying with nowhere to go

    I had the most interesting emergency job last night that I will not forget in a long time. Emergency call (11:05 pm.) from a newer client that was hosting the most outrageous party I've ever attended. But this time I was not on the guest list

    I was the last minute vip with an all access pass and parking for my sprinter front and center. Right next to the McClaren race car on display.

    The manager of the business throwing the party for the 800 plus masquerade party guest, dressed up like" A" List Stars were just finding out the most important person to invite to this vip party, is plumber rick

    Nothing like drinks flowing like water and toilets flowing like Niagara Falls

    Bathrooms in the front and rear of this 15,000' converted showroom had already drained down by the time I showed up less than 30 minutes after getting the panic phone call. So all I could do is play detective plumber rick.

    Of course it was hard keeping focused to the job at hand while trying to navigate the crowd of party goers. Glad I was dressed in all black. I was walking around all night monitoring the bathrooms and the 1 main floor cleanout in the main party room tucked in behind the white leather couches. All was looking good until abot 1:15 am when I noticed lots of soap suds starting to rise is the 5' deep 4" cleanout. Went to the back kitchen to tell them to stop the soap and watched as the water level was still rising. Worried that the lines were stating to plug, I pulled the manhole cover at the front driveway of the complex while the party guest waiting for their cars were looking on along with 2 offduty police and a fire captain who are paid to be there when you have this size of gathering. To my amazement the 6" lateral coming in from building is now dry and it's a good 15' below street level.

    Looking at my watch and hoping that the party dies down before the toilets rise to the occassion, I keep monitoring the 4" cleanout for the water level.

    Needless to say, timing was perfect, lights came back on at 2am and guest starting filtering out. Brought my mighty k60 into the now empting party room and was going to snake out the 100' lateral to the manhole, when I discovered that water went down

    Go pull the manhole for the 4th time and now the lateral is flowing into the main.

    Talk about being the life of the party.

    Will come back during the week to jet from the lateral manhole up and discover all the paper towels that should be lodged in the main. Ive told them seveal times over the last few months to get rid of the paper towels In the bathrooms and put in dryers. Although to their credit, they had batroom attendants in the 2 main bathrooms on hand keeping things neat.

    Next party is in 3 weeks with a live giraffe and snow. I know phoebe will be thrilled to help at that event. Might even break out my wedding tux with concealed pockets for my tools

    Nothing like having a square card reader for the end of the night too.

    I did take just a few photos of the McClaren car. And I was asked to take some photos of guest with their cameras as they were leaving. But not much excitement to share with the gang. Unless you like fast cars and dirty sewers

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    Re: 800 partying with nowhere to go

    OK, the special duty police I understand, but what does the special duty FD Captain do other than call 911 if something happens?

    I am going to guess that this towel problem has happened before at this site, and its not waste from the kitchen dish pit causing the issue?

    I never understand why people flush them instead of using the waste receptacles under / next to the dispensers. Also the people that use a towel to open the door and drop it on the other side whether there is a garbage can there or not.


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      Re: 800 partying with nowhere to go

      Pretty much the fire marshal. He monitors the crowd and the no smoking. Tuff as electronic cigarettes still give off smoke.

      Anything over 50 people requires this at these warehouse parties in the city.

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        Re: 800 partying with nowhere to go

        But not much excitement to share with the gang.
        not too much excrement to share with the crowd either from the sound of it.

        How do you get all the good jobs Rick.
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          Re: 800 partying with nowhere to go

          How was the food. I would love to be your helper for the next party

          My seek the peek fundraiser page

          new work pictures 12/09


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            Re: 800 partying with nowhere to go

            The next one in a few weeks is going to have snow and a giraffe brought in. Phoebe is looking forward to that party.
            Need to get back there soon to jet the main once the owner decides who's responsible for the cost.

            phoebe it is