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    It would have been better to remove the eyebolt and install a cap screw with some thread lubricant to keep the anchor threads from rusting up. Next time you come back bring an eyebolt. And if someone else wants to lift the cover they need to supply all of their own rigging equipment, not use an eyebolt that has been left there for who knows how long, what condition its in, and how much engagement it has with the anchor.

    In a moist environment, I would agree with a lubricated plug. In my case the area was as dry as a bone. The suggestion to use an SS insert is also a good idea. Finding one in 3/4" on the QT might be a problem though. Two pick up points are also good insurance. Standing way clear of the drop zone is probably the best advise I could give.


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      I put the dimensions into a calcution for steel at it came out 551lbs. Our manhole lids weighed 440lbs, and we sometimes moved ten or more in a day. The handles on that lid are for hooks. On guy on each guy to break it free and then slide it out of the way. Long crow bar on lever would lift one side so that vit could be slid on floor. I would not attempt suspending that weight and working underneath!


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        Looking back at this I don't know how I screwed up the math on calculating the weight.

        Steel is ~10.5 pounds per SF for 1/4" thick plate. So the 1.5 inch thick cover 1.5/.25 = 6

        So 6 x 10.5 lb/SF = 63 Lb/SF

        63 x (3' x 3') = 567 Lbs.

        Where I came up with that 1134# I don't know but it's
        double the true weight so I made a math error somewhere.
        That's another thing to remember when rigging, double check
        your calculations and your sources of load weights and your
        rigging gear capacities. And whatever you do don't use those
        cheap shackles made in China. They will kill you.

        I don't think he was lifting more than an inch or two Frank,
        but you are right never work under a suspended load.

        Have you ever used those magnetic manway lifters?

        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


        1/20/2017 - The Beginning of a new Error


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          There you go again Bob, teasing your poor cousins downunder with gadgets we havent got and wont get for years(unless we can make a deal and you post it out to me.......). You guys are so spoiled it just isnt fair..............................heheeheeeeeheheh eheehee

          Bob you are right yet again. Dont trust the chinese crap and double check your figures and sources used for such......!!! Told you this was a grouse place to hang out with all of you pros.