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Dodgers could have used my services tonight

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  • Dodgers could have used my services tonight

    When was the last time that a major league baseball game was called on account of a water / sewer line leak. Tonight at dodger stadium it was.

    How many plumbers were at the Dodger, Angels game tonight that were there trying to get the job to shut it off and fix it?

    Can you imagine the national exposure I would have if i was there with my Whacker to save the game. Plumber Rick Whacks one out of the stadium to save the game for 50,000 fans. The MVP of the game. Most Valuable Plumber. Not the first time i would save the game...

    Many years ago I went to a UCLA baseball game at Jackie Robinson Stadium and while about to dine at the snack bar in the 3rd inning, the snack bar was closed. WTF, I came for the food. turns out the snack bar was plugged up and they closed. I spoke to the UCLA manager in charge and told him I can fix it. And fix it I did. I ended up with season tickets and parking pass.

    Yes, the dodgers might have won tonight on a shortened official game, 4-3 in 5 innings But they are flooded in the locker room too.

    Dodgers, you have my Number, and I do work for food. Call me.

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    phoebe it is

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    Season tickets to UCLA basketball, well done sir. Sounds like they had a joint break loose, must be next to impossible trying to get 30,00 fans not to use the toilets especially after all them beers. Perhaps calling it a day was better than shoveling poop against the tide this time.

    Could this be the opening they need to ask the taxpayers for a new ballpark me thinks?


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      UCLA Baseball with parking. not Basketball at Pauley Pavillion.


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    I spent most of my time at the Speiker pool and never made it to Pauly pavilion except for events at the hof. I did go to a baseball game once there, sort go lost trying to find it but then I always get lost driving LA. It was a cool little ballpark.

    if you've never been to the hof, it's worth a visit to check out all the athletes that have come through UCLA.