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  • A New One for Me!

    So, I have this co-worker, who to be nice can only function to his capabilities, it is a wonder he has lived to 70 years old.
    He comes in last week after being off for 2 days, and is all mad and tossing crap around the lab, being a bigger idiot than usual. Finally I tell him to stop before he breaks something. He proceeds to tell me Saturday his sewer clogged, and flooded his laundry room through the floor drain. $325 to get it cleared out.
    Then, Sunday he is away and his water heater burst, his wife does not know where the water shutoff is so she waddles next door to get the 80 year old neighbor, they waddle back to the house and turn off the water. This floods his bi-level, ruining the carpet, baseboard, some drywall, and his bathroom floor. He removes the carpet and starts drying things out. Calls the plumber the next morning, the plumber comes in and not only is the water heater shot, the laundry tub has a giant hole in it, his wife attempted to caulk it without telling him, AND the disposal hooked to the kitchen above drains DIRECTLY through the floor and into the laundry tub! Plumber says to shut down the house or get it fixed correctly. $3,900 later he has all this stuff fixed.
    I have never seen or heard of a disposal being drained like this, and can only wonder what type of inbreeding is necessary to get to that point.
    This guy is a walking sad sack of family problems.

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    I feel for your co-worker and the issues that have happened to him in such a short period. of time. Your holier than thou and judgemental attitude certainly isn't warranted.
    The Leading Cause Of Injury In Older Men Is Them Thinking They Are Still Young Men.


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      Things happen, plumbing corrodes, and certainly sewers back up... IF they didn't, then there would be no need for plumbers, would there? Did this poor guy plumb the disposal himself, and was he somehow pumping corrosives into his hot water tank to cause it to burst? Probably NOT!

      Things happen; and sometimes they happen in a series of bad events that cause people too much money and certainly too much stress. I've had things go like that and it's taught me to have some empathy for others.

      You seem to have a knack for looking down your nose and labeling those who may well be blameless. Seems to be a sign of the times. Perhaps you should offer help, rather than criticize.



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        Neither of you bozos have a clue about this guy. I could write a book about his disasters of his poor life decisions. I have seen a lot of pompous responses on here over the years, this about takes the cake.
        Just had never heard of anything even remotely close to draining a disposal into a laundry tub.


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          I was taught in order to judge a person walk a mile in there shoes.... consider me bozo # 3.


          • Cleanmen2
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            Hey Scott, can I get a place from downunder. Your words are so true. Dude, take a breath and just think about if the roles were reversed. Would he be here dumping on you without a right of reply. Oh and if you arent happy being here getting a bit of criticism, maybe dont come to this forum. Leave it to the pros..

          • drainman scott
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            I don't mind criticism .... as long as it's constructive ... and am a pro myself but name calling ( bozos ) is childish ... and now you have a source for your no flow anti flux.

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          He was having a bad day? Or has had a bad life... I hope it's the former. The series of incidents appear to have resulted from both coincidence and poor judgment, not much can be said expect that, one really needs to get acquainted with one's house, supply water shut off for sure...


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            I like the idea of walking a mile in the other guy's shoes. Then if he gets upset, you are a mile ahead of him, and you have his shoes.


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              this Bozo raises hand also.......

              maybe I should change my tagline to Bozo
              HEY! What does this button do?


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                "Today you, tomorrow me."

                Careful how you judge another man. Right now you're young and he's old. Was he ever young? Maybe he worked with some goofy old timer and made fun of him, also.

                Maybe working with a guy like that is just the big guy upstairs testing you, to see what kind of a life you deserve. Passing judgment on this dude might just be passing judgment on yourself.

                my 2 cents