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Impact drills a threat to health?!?

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  • Impact drills a threat to health?!?

    Never thought about vibration injuries. Probably not an issue unless you are driving screws all day.

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    Netflix has the right idea!

    on 60 minutes recently they did a story on NetFlix.
    This is the company that sends movie Cd's to your home via mail.

    During the story they showed their workers [called associates] stuffing envelopes at a rate of close to 1000 per hour by hand!!!! Amazing to watch!

    What caught my eye and prompted this reply was the fact that every 90 minutes all work stops and the staff stand up and do stretching exercises, wiggle their fingers, stretch their backs etc.

    This is a forward looking company and these 5 minutes breaks eliminate the repetition type injuries we typically read about.

    Using any tool or doing any task continuously for more that 1 hour can increase injury and accidents.

    If you are doing a deck, a really big deck, I'd say take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes and stretch. You'll be more productive, healthier, and safer!

    Cactus Man