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Hollywood VS. SAFETY!

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  • Hollywood VS. SAFETY!

    I have held off ranting on this subject as I'll likely get verbal abuse here..
    never the less....

    I enjoy watching the DIY network and other channels that offer shows on building, fixing, and remodeling stuff. I also watch the science channel show "how it's made" and "Myth-busters" they are really cool!

    I do, however, cringe at the lack of safety and good operating practices that many shows imply!
    I find This Old house series, Ask This Old house, and The New Yankee Workshop shows are the only ones that truly practice and preach safety!

    I watch American Chopper and scream at the TV when they tack weld without eye protection, or proper attire [gloves etc.] Then Paul Sr. bitches about his eye sight going bad..DUH!

    safety glasses, and even a fire extinguisher seem foreign to them...
    I recall watching one show where a acetylene tank fell off a cart as it was not properly secured! They just laughed!
    The same goes for Jessie and his show, no safety.

    Then we move into the trading spaces genre and the copy cats! I find some of the design ideas clever but they too short cut safety, good building techniques, proper tool use etc. etc.

    what kind of signals are we sending to the next generation of tool users?

    My Son has minimal skill in wood working or other hands on skills and he watches these shows thinking it's easy..then he gets into trouble and comes to me for help. I'm happy to help and relieved he has the personality to come and ask for help!

    So here is the question:

    Where the hell is OSHA? and other trade unions or tool suppliers to try and have some minimal safety procedures taught, implemented, and required on these TV shows?
    Yes it's Hollywood! and is not a technical training primer, rather entertainment, but come on, in today's world 90% of the viewers believe what they see on TV is indeed gospel and true!

    Actually the best unsafe show to watch is "Tool Time", with Tim Allen ha ha ha

    Cactus Man

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    All good points and I agree wholeheartedly.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      To my way of thinking OSHA 1910 SHOULD apply to a movie or television set. This is a job site (making movies), not a carnival side show. OSHA 1926 applies to construction, but 1910 applies to industry, and I don't see any reason why all these shows do not have to comply. But beyond that, as has already been stated, they should be using and teaching proper safety techniques to our future work force. Jeeze, even the kiddy show "Bob The Builder" (no relation ) talks about doing work safely more than the DIY shows.

      My favorite offenders... The Junk Brothers
      1st runner up.............. Hammered

      Even Norm on NYW and TOH get careless at times.
      How does Rich Trethewey solder with that homeowner-style, tank-mounted propane torch anyway, those things suck for soldering. No self-respecting plumber would use one of those. Give my a Prest-O-Lite or a Turbo-Torch any day. Sorry if that offends anyone but thse things are NOT meant for all day soldering, only for the occasional repair or hobby use (by my standards).

      Hopefully the answer is NO, but does anyone actually use one of these day after day to solder?
      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


      1/20/2017 - The Beginning of a new Error


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        It's not just TV shows and the like. Industry is absolutely ignoring OSHA restrictions and requirements. Case in point. I recently worked for a big box store (which shall remain nameless) doing steel set and store setup. During steel set, people were drilling holes in concrete with rotary hammers without safety glasses or hearing protection. Steel set did not require steel toed boots, although we had a number of injuries where beams were dropped on people's feet and smashed toes. One woman was inadvertently pushed over a pile of steel beams and sprained an ankle. Another worker was smashed in the face with a steel beam. Another worker had to be taken to hospital to remove steel slivers from eyes because they were cutting beams with circular saw and abrasive blade and not using safety glasses. People who asked for ear plugs or safety glasses were told they were too expensive to buy and supply to all workers. I was hit in the head with approx. 300 pounds of melamine shelving, thrown nine feet across an aisle and knocked unconscious -- concussion, neck sprain and back sprain -- and it could have been more serious. Outlets didn't work and when I went to test and check was shocked by improper ground -- NO GFCI although all circuits are in store with concrete flooring. Another day carpet machine threw a 1,000 pound plus roll of carpet off the machine and almost onto me. Store manager praised workers to high heavens almost on daily basis about what a good safety record they'd had in doing store setup and steel set. I thought there was a time warp somewhere and that he'd been working in a different store. I cringed and hoped we'd get store set up and operational without somebody getting killed. When asked about OSHA requirements I was told that headquarters was right on top of everything and did all work strictly by the book and OSHA requirements. (I've since left the company.) We never saw an OSHA inspector on site! From being in and around construction however for about 40 years, I've seen no other regulatory agency as lazy and inefficient as OSHA. They only come in after somebody is killed or badly injured and then hand slap the culprit with an insignificant fine and then go back to their offices. Anyway, enough of my rant. I agree something needs to be done about mind numbing tv shows not practicing safety as it just promotes another generation or two of idiots doing things in an unsafe manner and figuring that safety doesn't really matter as long as you can get away with it and either not get fined or not have an injury or death - this time. Eventually it catches up with them.
        Jim Don