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1/4/2007 CPSC Recalls & News

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  • 1/4/2007 CPSC Recalls & News

    NEWS from CPSC
    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

    January 4, 2007
    Release #07-072

    DEWALT Recalls Portable Generators Due to Electric Shock Hazard

    Name of Product: DEWALT DG2900 Portable Generators
    Units: About 13,000

    Hazard: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installed on the
    generator could fail to operate properly, posing a risk of electric
    shock to consumers.

    To see this recall on CPSC's web site, including a picture of the
    recalled product, please go to:

    January 4, 2007
    Release #07-074

    New Danger Label Required on All Portable Generators

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
    voted unanimously (2-0) today to require manufacturers of portable
    generators to warn consumers of carbon monoxide (CO) hazards through a
    new "Danger" label. The label states that, "Using a generator indoors
    CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES." [Bob D: Hard to believe isn't it? ]

    Generators should be used outdoors only, far from windows, doors and
    vents. The CO produced by one generator is equal to the CO produced by
    hundreds of running cars. It can incapacitate and kill consumers within

    To see this release on CPSC's web site, including pictures of the danger
    labels and statements from the Commission, please go to:

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    Carbon monoxide is hazardous and can kill ya! Who'd a thunk that huh? I sure am glad that the gubment is there to keep all us dumb folks safe from ourselves. People too dumb to use common sense don't read warning labels either.
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      Well, apparently some people need someone watching out for them.

      The full CPSC statement about CO and generators says that there were 31 deaths attributed to people using gasoline powered generators indoors between Oct 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2006.

      You are right Dave, they will probably never take the time to read the warning label.
      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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        Gene Pool

        Those 31 were probably also cooking in their kitchens with charcoal hibachis!
        It's just God's way of taking those individuals out of the gene pool who should not be reproducing and making more stupid individuals.
        PS -- The rest of their families were probably all in the garage with the doors closed and the car running so they could warm up.


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          I bet some of them were in their garages with doors closed and sniffing the exhaust fumes coming out the tail pipe of their cars. People have a brain, but all too many either haven't a clue how to use it, or they refuse to try.

          Could all of this help with the massive over population problems?

          I know I'm being a "smart mule" here.
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            I somehow find it rather mysterious that some people can obtain adulthood without ever learning anything. I realize that some humans don't have the benefit of parents, but how do they grow up without the benefits of teachers, news, the written word, friends, coworkers, or any comprehension whatsoever. I guess "survival of the fittest" is still a dominant law of nature.

            Life is too often hard; and when you're stupid, it can also be unmercifully short!



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              "...and when you're stupid, it can also be unmercifully short!"

              The depends on whose side you are measuring their life span from; the stupid person's or everyone else. In the latter case their life may be perceived as too long considering the anguish they can put everyone else through.
              "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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                Too bad the CPSC can't recall the idiots.
                Hard to believe in this media saturated world that we still have persons getting killed by CO poisioning. Living in coastal NC, I have a small, break-down generator shed right outside the garage. The previous owner had the sprinkler pump installed in the garage so there are some 2" holes that I put conduit in and run 12 gauge extension cords to power the refridgerator and freezers during hurricane power outages. Keeps the CO and the noise outside.
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                  Here is what we can soon expect to see on portable generators. I have actually seen where a large commercial standby generator was improperly installed so that it blasted exhaust (from about 10 feet) directly at air intake louvers for the boiler room. When I tried calling the building manager to suggest that the generator be given a 1/2 turn and thus direct the exhaust out toward the parking lot, I was growled at and told to *&^%#@ myself. Then BANG when the phone. I wish I knew what insurance company they deal with. I'm sure their inspector would have plenty to say. Some people really are hopeless. GRRRRR


                  The problems are with people, not the machinery. If they are too blind to read the instructions, would they even look at warning labels? I bet not.

                  I think Bob D. already posted most of this far better than I'm doing here. I do see my link is slightly different.
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