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Safety Glasses - Goggles

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    Re: Safety Glasses - Goggles

    Originally posted by CWSmith View Post
    I have a resperator for painting and fine dust, but it too often fogs the glasses. CWS
    If you are fogging your glasses, the respirator is leaking around the bridge of the nose. If you notice dust down by the sides of your nostrils, the bridge of your nose is too high for the respirator, so you may want to try a larger size. If the dust accumulates on the top of the bridge of your nose, the respirator is probably too big, and you need a smaller one. If the respirator is fitting properly, you should be able to block the filters (latex gloves work well for this) and breath in and hold your breath. The respirator should stay "deflated" and stay that way for 10 seconds. With the exhaust valve covered, you should be able to exhale lightly and "inflate" the mask. This pressure check is the easiest way to feel where a mask leaks, if it is leaking. Sometimes the leak can be eliminated by adjusting the straps. One mistake many people make is pulling them too tight, which distorts the mask, altho too loose obviously won't work either.

    Hope this helps

    Practicing at practical wood working


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      Re: Safety Glasses - Goggles

      I use the plugs similar to Bob's and yes my new glasses are from the safty glasses selection from lenscrafters.They all meet or exceed OSHA requirements.I will use a plain white mask when cutting wood but for sanding or staining i will use a charcoal activated rrespirator. It keeps fumes and dust out.


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        Re: Safety Glasses - Goggles

        Hey guys, just wanted to let everybody know that thinking about this thread got me to take the few extra seconds to go back to my truck and get my gogs earlier this week. I really do slow down and think about it every time I use my table saw because of these discussions too.

        My habits are getting better as I age, but I still sliced myself on a piece of formica I was applying to a cabinet stile with a pressure roller. Ouch.
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        A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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          Re: Safety Glasses - Goggles

          On that note, I generally make a point of wearing my Mechanics gloves when working with power tools and stuff around the house as well.


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            Re: Safety Glasses - Goggles

            If only one eye gets saved then all of this is well worth it. Keep talking and thinking safety. I have a good feeling more than just one eye will thank us.


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              Re: Safety Glasses - Goggles

              A Special Thanks

              To everyone that has sent me a PM saying that my howling about safety got them to take the time to fetch safety gear or just take their time and be careful, I want to say thanks for your PMs. If this old howling hound doggie can save one eye, finger or whatever then I'll be howling happy.

              By the way when things get to you and you feel like you want to (*&^%$ someone, try howling (Arrrrroooooooo). It does help vent off frustration and anger.