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utility knives and thumbs don't mix (gaphic pic)

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  • utility knives and thumbs don't mix (gaphic pic)

    While cutting a small piece of drywall to make a patch, I scored one side, broke it, and went to cut through the back side. I was doing this on a nice piece of poplar ply that was going to be used as wainscoting, so I decided to cut in an upwards fashion. As I approached my left hand, I slowed to a stop to think it through. I thought that if I just ease up on the pressure to reach the small amount that I had cut in from the other edge, I would be good. Nope, even eased up, that knife went through my flesh like my wife through the latest Us weekly. 3 hours in the ER and 7 stitches later, my spring break of productive work has crawled to a stop. At least there was no tendon or nerve damage.
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    Re: utility knives and thumbs don't mix (gaphic pic)

    Man... from that angle it looks like you cut clean through your finger. Good news on the tendons being ok. Should heal quick.


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      Re: utility knives and thumbs don't mix (gaphic pic)

      sorry to hear and see that.

      my wife was freaked out

      thanks for the heads up.

      you could have waited 7 months. (oct. 31) you would have won most realistic costume

      when you need to hide the scar, ask me. i have a good old trick that works on scars

      phoebe it is


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        Re: utility knives and thumbs don't mix (gaphic pic)


        Years ago, I was using a mini hacksaw handle, the ones that hold a standard hacksaw blade. I had a broken hacksaw blade in it with the broken end facing the handle (crappy design with open end in handle). Somehow as I was cutting a metal panel, the saw got jammed and the blade got pushed back through the handle and slit open the palm of my hand. A dozen stitches later and the scar remains...