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Safety Topics (How Is a Rifle Like a Banana?)

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  • Safety Topics (How Is a Rifle Like a Banana?)

    This is a good place to look if you need some topics for your weekly toolbox safety talks. You owners, supervisors, and foremen DO give weekly safety training right?

    You should also have a sign-in sheet and make sure everyone in attendance signs it. Why? Because it might save your bacon in a law suit some day when an employee says you never told him not to cut the ground prong off the extension cord or some other silly excuse trying to put the blame for their stupidity on you.

    Here's a list of other topics.
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    Re: Safety Topics (How Is a Rifle Like a Banana?)

    Good thread Bob. It is mandatory that everyone attends our safety meetings each week and make it up if they are absent from work. They also sign off on all safety meetings as well.