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worst injury on the job

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    Re: worst injury on the job

    The worst I ever personally saw was a when a guy jumped out the back of a pickup truck and his wedding ring got caught on the side rack. The ring skinned his entire finger. I looked like a chicken bone on his hand. He went to medical and they sewed the skin back on but it got infected so they had to amputate the finger.
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      Re: worst injury on the job

      i've had a couple worse, but this is the only one i have a picture of

      i was installing a 119 gallon storage tank on a roof top pad and was reaching behind the tank while trying to solder the back of a 2'' fitting. unfortunatly the torch was not pointing the proper direction when i shifted.

      problem was that i still had 4 hours left on the job with no help.

      i kept dunking the hand in a bucket of water to keep it cool.

      joey knew about this before i got home as i had called her brother (e.r. dr.) for advise.

      i did a good job on myself cutting off the dead skin and keeping it clean. you could never tell i burned myself

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        Re: worst injury on the job

        Relative to topic, I always keep a bottle of alcohol in my truck to sterilize cuts and burns till I can get home.

        NEVER, EVER use hydrogen peroxide on larger wounds, it kills tissue.


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          Re: worst injury on the job

          i had to think about this one long and hard.

          i've never broken any bones. i'd knock on wood but i sold my last piece of drift wood.

          so i'm going to have to describe a cut i received.

          churchill, manitoba

          i went to the local hardware store to purchase smoke pipe for a wood stove we were installing.

          i needed several lengths and picked up the bundle. when i was lowering the pipe to the floor, the inside length slide out and sliced my finger almost to the bone.

          i hit some kind of big vein because the blood would squirt out of the gash if i let go of my finger. it didn't hurt (yet) and i asked the lady behind the counter if they had a first-aid kit because i had just cut myself.

          the three other ladies gathered around so see what was going on. the owner's wife asked me to let go of my finger. i said that's probably not a good idea (no one noticed the trail of blood yet). she didn't think it was that bad.

          well i'll tell you! i wish i had a third arm to hold a camera to take a picture of their faces when i let my finger go. SQUIRT! i asked again if they had a first aid kit. i got really good customer service that time.

          only 3 or 4 stitches. not a long cut, but a deep one. finger still works good.


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            Re: worst injury on the job

            you got an artery not a vein
            Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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              Re: worst injury on the job

              This got me wondering. What's something good for burns we could keep on the truck. No aloe plants please.




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                Re: worst injury on the job

                Silvadene cream is excellent for burns. It does require a prescription, but if you are friendly with your doctor, he would probably give it to you. It can be stored at room temp, but in a truck in the hotter climates, probably should be replaced fairly often. I burned myself comparably to Rick's picture only on my fingertips, and was prescribed Silvadene after having the ER clean the wounds and put some on. Relief was fairly quick and there was no infection even though I was working in a dirty line of work at the time. On the open wounds, I put the creme on, a thin layer of gauze, and a finger cot (kind of like a condom for the finger) and was back at work the next day. It is a Sulfa drug, which was what they used before antibiotics. I think you may be able to get it OTC in Canada, but I may be wrong.