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  • government safety officer-Joe Idiot


    a couple of years back i was on a job site working on a roof. the contractor had installed a homemade scaffolding. we where on top with hard hats, steel toes, safety glasses, but not tied off. oops!! our "new" Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) Safety Officer just happened to notice this.

    he drives his truck onto the work site and got out and was literally stomping his feet as he was walking towards us. at the same time he was yelling at us, my name is joe idiot (name changed to protect the idiot)! i am the WBC safety officer! shut this job down right noooow!!!

    oh yeah, he was also pointing his finger at the ground.

    one of the newfoundlanders i was working with said, "i wonder where his work boots and 'ard at are?" he had a point.

    we had to stop work because;

    #1- we weren't tied-off.

    #2- the homemade scaffolding didn't extend out enough, proper material size, but didn't meet the safety specs for width.

    joe idiot was doing his job and he was right. he was acting like a child having temper tantrum, but he was right.

    i was at the local coffee stand last summer and so was safety officer joe idiot.

    he sees a local contractor working on a roof of some rowhouses. guess what? they're not tied-off. he shuts the job down.

    that week end i'm on my way to the mall (our dump), and i'm driving by joe idiot's rowhouse unit. his house is connected to the house that is connected to the roof that he (joe idiot) shut-down. he's working on his roof. guess what? he's not tied-off!!

    so i stop to "chat" with him. i asked him why he wasn't tied-off. "i'm not obligated too. i'm the homeowner."

    do as i say, not as i do i'm thinking.

    i reminded him that he was obligated to lead by example. especially in a small, isolated community.

    i also reminded mr idiot that his roof was the same f**k'in roof as the roof job he shut down.

    no wonder his life was threatened in the previous community he lived in.

    the next weekend he's on his roof, tied-off.

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    Re: government safety officer-Joe Idiot

    Joe Idiot must travel a lot. I swear I have seen him around here!


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      Re: government safety officer-Joe Idiot

      Sounds like some of our OSHA idiots escaped Wisconsin and made it up to your country. I apologize greatly for letting them cross our border into yours. I'm not exactly sure how he made it that far though without a map because most of the OSHA people here can't drive their thumb up their a$$ without a road map!!!!
      PS, Next time hand him a rope, tell him to tie off with it, and tie the other end to the trailer hitch of your truck. It'll be all good when you drive home.
      Jim Don


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        Re: government safety officer-Joe Idiot

        be glad that the fed osha is not in charge of cal-osha anymore.

        years back the feds took over for california osha.

        they were much harder to deal with than the local offices.

        best one i remember was when the plasters were mixing their stucco and the belt guard was missing from their mixer.

        we even got fined as plumbers because we did nothing to stop it as we walked by

        phoebe it is


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          Re: government safety officer-Joe Idiot

          Originally posted by JimDon View Post
          PS, Next time hand him a rope, tell him to tie off with it, and tie the other end to the trailer hitch of your truck. It'll be all good when you drive home.
          Jim Don
          This gets the famous Woussko ARRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO salute award.