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Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

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  • Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

    I am trying to find out what the best way is to handle this situation. any advice is much appreciated and I thank you in advance.

    Here it is:

    Basically, there were some electrical problems in the house that I am renting. I contacted the owner of the house and she had an electrician come out and correct the problems. (not going into detail with what the problems were etc. since it's somewhat irrelevant, if not lemme know and I can elaborate) The electrician finishes the electricity work which consisted of a complete change out of the "breaker box" (not sure if that' s the correct term) and replace the PVC piping around the house with metal piping. It took the electrician almost a week to finish the job and he would often leave coffee cups, banana peels, etc. lying around so I put the trash can near where he was working so he could throw that stuff away instead of leaving it on the ground. He's done with the work but I have a pile of "breaker box, pieces from the breaker box, drill bits, screws etc. in my driveway. I pull my motorcycle into the backyard since my first one was stolen. Upon pulling it out yesterday morning, I noticed I have a screw in my rear motorcycle tire which will require repair. I spoke to the owner of the house earlier today who told me that she would take care of this, I shouldn't have to pay for this etc. I just got a call from her an hour ago letting me know that the electrician will be coming by tomorrow to "handle it directly with me".

    The reason that I'm posting is that I would like to know:

    1. if it's the electrician's duty to dispose of the materials left behind

    2. If he has any liability for the damage to my tire

    I just want to be fair about this whole thing, I am in no way, shape of form trying to take advantage of anyone. Therefore, I'm seeking advice from an electrician (or other contractor's) point of view.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

    It sound like you are asking for legal advice which this is not a great place to find it.

    As for the Contractor it is the Standard in the Industry to remove your trash and be responsible for damage cause by your negligence. I would suggest you show him the screw and see if it is his screw.

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      Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

      I'm sorry. I should have thought about the way I worded my situation. I think I was just trying to understand what the "Ethics" were, or as you said the Standard. I'm not familiar with the rules and whatnot. I will show him the screw as you suggested and see what he has to say. Thanks for the quick response.


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        Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

        You're speculating. Driving the motorcycle off the paved surface of that property negates liability if such screw was left in yard....but once again, speculating.

        How does he know you didn't pick that screw up, anywhere in travelling from one place to another. Does the screw have the electrician's name on it?

        Do you have the name and mfg. of the screw that's in question? Hmmm?!!!

        Have you sought legal representation in regards to the fact that this electrician might file a lawsuit on behalf of "said screw" in the event that he endures undo stress and harm by your nonwhimsical rant and pout about a screw?

        Are you paying for such time in conversation with the electrician tomorrow?

        A plug in a motorcycle tire is probably less than $20 and you started a thread about it?

        Cheese and Rice,

        I hate to see what would happen if someone accidentally dropped cornbread crumbs on your carpet. Sheesh!

        Said "screw" might not of had "time and date to remove by" clause in contract stating that such screw hold and indemnifies nor negates any future inference to hold all parties liable in the event that such due cause warrants further notion in a court of law that there may be additional charges of such. Yeah.
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          Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..


          First, the bike gets parked on the side of my house which is a narrow pathway. I never said I drove my motorcycle off of any paved surface. I would hardly call it speculation if when I wake up in the morning, my bike is fine, I pull my bike out and let it warm up, to come out to a flat tire 8 minutes later. If that was the case, I would have had a flat tire over night.

          He doesn't know that I didn't pick up the screw somewhere, and any electrician would know that a screw wouldn't have an electrician's name on it there smart guy. The same for your ignorant question about the screws name and manufacturer.

          We could also go into how this screw that could possible have been left by the electrician (or not) has caused me undo stress which flares up my Crohn's disease and runs up a $24,000 hospital for a week stay, not to mention loss of wages, etc etc. but that's a waste of time as is 97% of your post Senior Member.

          No, I won't be paying the gentleman to come and talk to me tomorrow at his request. I know what a tire plug costs. Yes, I started a thread about motorcycle tires and electricians in the jobsite safety forum since that's what it's directly related to...jobsite SAFETY. Could be much worse..I have 2 kids, what if it was one of them that stepped on this screw. Would this thread be pointless then? Tire plugs are less than $20, but should I jeopardize my safety and the safety of anyone that rides the bike with me?

          I'm not even going to bother commenting on your last immature rambling of a sentence since it's clear to me that your post has pretty much nothing to say to me other than it being a lame attempt at bullying a new member of these boards. Thanks for your 18 words that were relevant to my question.

          I came here to get a FAIR opinion from a contractor. It's clear you're not putting yourself in my shoes and simply seeing this one sided.


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            Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

            a workman should not "trash" the place he is working in, with food residue, and in general maintain a clean safe work place, and pickup and put "take out" and extra in a safe and reasonable tidy location and not to create or cause additional damage, not necessary to the polishing of the area, but I would say in general the area should be sweep or pick up of general debris, yes there my be a few insulation striplings or small pieces that would need more than a broom or need vacuum that may be left, and some dust, but in general not a pile of trash,

            now also depending on the agreement of the owner and the contractor, the owner may have wanted to see what was replaced, one reason why auto repair shops many times will show you or place the repaired pieces in a box for your decision, it is kinda like proof I did this and did not rip you off.

            but to string the drive way with screws and nails or other debris is not correct IMO, yes one can lose a screw here and there or a nail and that is part of the nature of the work, but to be able to pick up a can full or box full of stuff I would say would be getting excessive,

            but in most situations the contractor usually cleans up IN general after themselves, and dispose of trash at least to the local dumpster, and leave the work area basically sweep up, put it this way that was my way of doing it, now I may not have cleaned up every day if it was multiply day job, but when I left the area it was in general clean and if the "take out" was to be left it was stacked out of the way in the location where the owner wanted it, if not removed or dumpster-ed.

            as far as for the tire, it may or may not have been his fault, (my experience with tires) if you jsut rolled over it it may have stuck but more than likely not punctured the tube, and falls out on the next roll over, I have (try to keep it cleaned up) but bits of wire welding rod ends screws and nails and other in the drive way of my metal working shop, and I also have a tire machine and fix 99% of our tires, and that can easily be 10 to 20 a month on a bad month, and as of yet I have never pulled a screw or welding rod end or item that was left from in front of my shop, now I will admit there will be a first, most all of the tire problems come from the combination of speed and the debris being set up by either another car or the front tires of the said car or truck,

            Also if a tire can pick up a screw by jsut a slow roll over and puncture it the tire is getting fairly poor would be my guess, (the only way I could see it as if it was in some type of debris that held it point up and more than likely the debris would still be attached and if that is the case you have nearly proof that it came from the job site.
            other wise the Proof factor is probably a little hard to come up with,

            I would probably jsut get the tire fixed and eat the cost of it.

            from your description I would say yes he should have done better in keeping the area cleaned up and proper disposal of the debris, does he owe you for the tire, that I would probably question, (probably for two reasons, 1, was he the cause, and 2, if you knew the conditions, of the path and the debris that was there why would you drive over it, with out clearing a path for the tires?
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              Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

              Your problem here boils down to the fact that you are renting the home. I would assume the electrician was dealing direct with your landlord regarding payment/type of work to be performed. In doing this, he probably disregarded the fact that you do indeed live there, choosing instead to treat the job as one where the owner wasn't around to judge him.

              It can be an awkward situation - I know I showed up at a house one time to grab some measurements, and the tenant went all snaky on me wondering who I was, how dare I show up unannounced, etc. In that case, the landlord was supposed to notify the tenant that I was coming by and would be getting some outside measurements. The tenant was upset, yet considering I was there on behalf of the owner and not him, I can't say that I was as gracious as I may have been with the actual owner of the property.

              In my opinion, you pay a rent to the owner and therefore any problems you encounter from any work authorized by the owner should be paid by the owner.

              I would say that your beef is with your landlord. They authorized the work, they should have take responsibility for the job and whether it was completed properly/impacted your living space. That's part of your monthly rent, isn't it?

              The contractor in this case is a middleman of sorts, and I don't imagine he'll even consider your tire case, nor cares about anything other than getting paid and moving on to the next job.
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                Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

                Oh, and it sounds like the owner "passed the buck" when she told you the electrician would be handling it "directly with you."

                She should have shut the situation down without that scenario. She sounds like she weaseled out of the situation instead of handling it properly.

                This thread should be in general discussion, if it should even be there. I don't think this is a question of jobsite safety, merely a business transaction that was handled improperly.
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                  Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

                  Thanks for the advice. It makes sense. It is kind of a weird situation and I agree with you on the owner passing the buck. I'll just see how it goes.

                  Thanks again everyone who chimed in.


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                    Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

                    suck it up cowboy.


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                      Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

                      Originally posted by maintbabe View Post
                      suck it up cowboy.


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                        Re: Need help please. Searched but couldn't find..

                        i can only speak of my own experiences.

                        as not all plumbers are created equally, the same can be said about electricians.

                        i for one am always cleaning up the knock-outs, bits of wire cover that were stripped, pieces of wire, pieces of conduit, marretts, etc.

                        i don't know why some do this. the electrician sounds like a slob to me.

                        ever stepped on a marrett and slipped? i have, and believe me it hurt.

                        with regards to the screw in the tire, i would just repair it and "suck it up".


                        i like to leave the place cleaner than when i arrived, i'm getting paid by the hour anyways