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    I thought I would start a thread where we could all put safety-related information, links to safety web sites, places to get more info about using various safety equipment, point of contacts for safety in your state, etc.

    I'm NOT Looking to start another story telling thread, we have a few of those going or you can start your own.

    I'd like to keep this clean and to the point, and maybe Josh or Mark will flag it as a Sticky so it will stay at the top of the list in this forum area and be easy to find.

    Yes, I know you can search the web on your own using Yahoo or Google for instance and I have done that many times for myself and to help people on here. Sometimes its nice to come to one place and find just what you need, and you'll be able to find this list from any place you have access to the web.

    So here is a OSHA booklet on woodworking safety to get it started. is the place to go with work-related safety questions.

    If you have a work related safety question start a new thread and ask it there please. I'll be adding more to this thread later on. I have a ton of stuff on safety.

    New OHSA Rule on PPE

    A nice series of safety videos on YouTube done by Nick James Productions for Star Leasing Co.
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    Re: Safety Resources

    In Iowa theses guys are pretty good.


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      Re: Safety Resources

      Hi Bob

      There is a job board for health & safety professionals here: which has a directory of HSE and Asbestos Consultancies




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        Re: Safety Resources


        A lot of people have used At this site you can find OSHA compliance information fast through keyword searches. The keyword is highlighted in the search results page.

        Hope this helps.