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a bad day was had by all

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  • a bad day was had by all

    There is a old school up the street frommy house. I applied for work there when i found out they were going to convert it to high end condos.
    I gave my resume and did not expect anything but i got the call, to help with the demo work.
    I showed up after the call within 20 minutes for work. I took my gloves, dust masks, hard hat, ( even a current year model) steel toe boots. I was the only one to wear a hard hat or dust mask. the rest of the work force worn bandanas on their face, and ball caps on their head, might wear steel toes but few of the guys had green patch boots. ( green patch means they are approved for use in Canada)
    I worked all day sweating and hot wearing the saftey gear. The trash was put in the guys mini van, and hauled off to the dump that way. It was cheaper than a dumpster I was told. 12 bucks a van load to the local dump.
    I decided to pack in after a few days, it only got worse, guys were hired off the street as they walked by, or from the local Rehab center for drinking or drug problems.
    No safety issues were addressed, unless you count notes written on the walls in pencil saying stay away live wires or paper signs saying danger donot enter for people not working on the demo. Office workers still in the building.

    The week after I left , the Ministy of Labour came and closed down the site. Yellow caution tape was put up in front of all the doors, stating DO not enter, work stop order, Ministy of Labour. ( last wedneday)

    I was walking by the site the other day( monday) the Labour Inspectors were there, I asked if they closed it down, then said I use to work there. i was jsut being nosey, they asked if I worked on the day the roof fell in. I told them no, asked if I knew anyone who was there, ( with the turn over, never the same people twice)
    I looked at one end of the building and the second floor was opened to the sky, from looking at the windows, you could see there was a hole knocked thru a brick wall, it was a triple thick red brick wall. The steel beams going thru the roof were just hanging in mid air and the plaster ceiling was just hanging from the old classroom next to the hole .

    No premits were issued for the work in process and the people in charge were all cash and carry dudes. I am just lucky I was not there when the accident happened. I looked around the site, you could see a lunch bag, sweater, and gloves still sitting right where they were left when everyone left the project when the roof came in. every one fled into the afternoon.
    Should be interesting when it all coem sout in the wash.

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    Re: a bad day was had by all

    You did the right thing getting out of there when you did.
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      Re: a bad day was had by all

      You are smart to respect your safety and lucky to have gotten out when others did not do the same. Some guys think they are being macho to work unsafe, they are just being foolish. Things can go real bad real fast. There are those who just don't know any better, but the folks running the job should.