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read about table saw and schools safety

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  • read about table saw and schools safety

    I just read about the table saw that stops if it hits a finger. Very cool idea. I would not want to be a crash test dummy for that saw, but would be nice to know it was there if needed.
    But the idea of shop safety being taught in the schools is a great idea.
    One of the saftey lectures I remember most from high school was one by the machine shop teacher.
    He passed around a picture , various copies of in black and white and in full colour, of a finger cut off in a drill press accident, the person was drilling a steel cable and something happened , it twisted or something and cut off the finger. No way to re attach it , it happened in the late 60s early 70s. He explained what happened and then raised his hand and asked if anyone had any questions. It was his finger and held up the hand with the half a finger missing. Taught me to keep my fingers always from blades and other things that might cause me harm.

    All the saftey features in the world will not save you if you are being careless. Anything man made can fail and will fail in time

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    Re: read about table saw and schools safety