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Anyone used SecureKey for jobsite safety?

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  • Anyone used SecureKey for jobsite safety?

    Have you used SecureKey - the 10x more secure re-keyable lock? Looks like a great security feature, especially if you're working with subs, and want to make sure they don't have unauthorized access. I'd love to hear opinions (full disclosure: I work with Schlage) if you have them. More details at: and they are giving away $50 every day right now in an instant-win.

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    Re: Anyone used SecureKey for jobsite safety?

    First I realize this is a form of spam, but I do have a few questions?

    If I am understanding it correctly, you have a "master reset key" that one can use to reset the lock to a new key, with out hiring a lock smith, is that right? thus rekeying the lock set.

    OK where does one get new keys? a factory order? lock smith? extra in the lock set box?

    If I am seeing it correctly, I could see it very useful on possibly offices, apartments, dorms, and other fast changing occupancy's, or some type of special use situation where there may be a high rate of change,

    lest just say, for instant, I have an apartment building and want 30 lock sets, can a person get 30 units with one reset key, or will you end up with 30 different reset keys, and need to keep them all organized and separate?

    OK say some time down the road a lock set is damaged, can I get a "matching unit to the existing ones" or will one have to sent up with a different reset key?

    how many sets of different keys comes with one lock set?
    (in other words, say some one loses a key ring and it is with Identifying info, and come home will I have the "supplies" (new keys) from the original lock set to rekey the locks my self or will I have to have keys sent to me from some location?

    It looks like an interesting idea, and I can see some uses for it, such as when I worked maintenance in a school that had 27 house on its campus, many would change hands ever year, and we had three large dorms, housing students. (if it works the way I envision it), (the only thing with that situation one would need a small truck load of spare keys, so one would not reassure keys out that would possible work some place else on campus,),

    one more question, is there provisions for use with a master key for maintenance personal or security personal along with a users key?
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