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  • SafeStart Systems SafetyGate Professional

    The LOML gave me a SafeStart Systems SafetyGate Professional which I asked for. This is the device I spoke about in a previous thread that will prevent a power tool from starting up after a power failure such as during a storm. This instruction sheet which comes with the device says it is OSHA, CSA, and NFPA approved safety device. At the time they were selling for $19.99 intro price, now they are slightly more but still worth twice the price. And it is Made in the USA!!

    I am glad to have it and will be buying at least two more. I want to leave one dedicated to the Table Saw/Planer/Jointer which are all powered from the same outlet (drop cord) located in the center of the shop. I want the others for other tools in the shop and one to use with portable power tools. My TS, jointer and planer are clustered in the center of the shop and using a drop cord keeps me from having to deal with power cords stretched across the floor which would be a trip hazard.

    The device has gripping type female end which will stay connected to the plug of your tool unless you release it using a pin to unlock it. This way it is always on the tool. Its size is only slightly larger than a standard cord cap so its size is not an issue for me.

    For the price it is to me a must have item. Its not just for woodworking but any power tool or even some appliances in the home which could pose a hazard if they were to automatically start following a power failure.

    Manufacturer's website:
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