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  • The first post

    I felt this was a good one to start the new thread.
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    I would like to remind everyone to please not run with scissors.

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

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      The most important safety feature is common sense. Without it, even a marshmellow is dangerous.
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        Usually, by the time that OSHA gets around to a job site, a good man or woman is deceased. They are the equivalent of the welfare system for safety specialists who couldn't make it in the real world. Those who can do, those who can't become OSHA employees. (My sincere apologies to George Bernard Shaw).
        Jim D.


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          The safety guy on one of my last jobs got hurt for doing something stupid and now he makes sure no one else repeats his mistake.
          Like talking on a cell phone in a high traffic area...That happens to a lot of hard have no idea how dangerous stupid people can be even if they are put in charge of "safety"

          And this guy did spend time in the hospital after somebody hit him.

          I'd like to remind everyone to not treat a conduit bender as a toy.
          A drill bit freshly used in metal will be really hot.
          When using a hammer drill you will get pelted with bits of concrete.
          Look both ways before stepping into oncoming traffic.
          Never call you wife a cow, this can be a real hazard to your safety and sanity!
          "Diplomacy is saying nice dodging until you can find a rock." Will Rogers
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            what the most common mistake?

            we all use power tools and hand tools every one does it is part of us now.but what is the most common safety mistake that you do while useing them mine would be not the use of eye protection and or a dust mask?
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              I am guilty of not using a dust mask. I am young and healthy right now but I need to factor in that all the crap I breath in may have long term effects. I also should have used my masks more when tearing all the old fiberglass insulation out of my attic I need to start thinking more into the future. I am almost 29 now

              Safety glasses is something I need to work on to. Could get away without them but the one time something goes wrong I would regret for the rest of my life.



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                I know, I know but I do not use the blade guard on my 3650, it is on the shelf.
                SSG, U.S. Army
                K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.


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                  i found that if you get a good pair of safety glasses that fit well and have a good clear lens you can have them on all day and not even know you have them on .

                  and if you do not put them on you will look like this trying to get the junk out of your eyes.

                  so make sure you look like this and you will be

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                    Originally posted by BadgerDave
                    The most important safety feature is common sense. Without it, even a marshmellow is dangerous.
                    don't laugh, a marshmallow can choke you!
                    Tools Rule


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                      Re: The first post

                      Seatbelts are a problem here. I had to write up an employee for not wearing his. He has been told 3 times now. Strike 3. It is the law in Ky. If a driver is pulled over and the passenger doesn't have his/her seatbelt on the driver gets a citation because of it.