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oh my god the things i saw today

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  • oh my god the things i saw today

    a company here in florida is doing the under ground utilites had a man 20-30' below grade with no side wall protection what so ever to make things worse the excavatare oprater almost slamed the poor guy on the head with the bucket 2 times.the stuff they are digging in is sand and very unstable i had the chance to talk with the guy during lunch and he told me that he had a wall colase on him last week and he is only making $7.50 an hour i could not belive that the this guy would risk his life for this. my supervisor came by an hour later and a told him what was going on and he looked at me like i shouldn't concren my self with it then talked with the group of poeple that i am work with for about an hour than as he was leaving he told me that if i was as concrened about this as i seem to be that if i get the chance to talk to the guy again to tell him where the shop is and who to speak with once he gets there.i never got the chance today to tell him the info but if he is there monday i sure will.i just cant get over that some companys do this sort of thing to there employee if a wall came down on that poor guy he would not have stood a chance
    9/11/01, never forget.

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    You know what you have to do!

    OSHA Area offices

    Fort Lauderdale Area Office
    8040 Peters Road, Building H-100
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33324
    (954) 424-0242
    (954) 424-3073 FAX

    Jacksonville Area Office
    Ribault Building, Suite 227
    1851 Executive Center Drive
    Jacksonville, Florida 32207
    (904) 232-2895
    (904) 232-1294 FAX

    Tampa Area Office
    5807 Breckenridge Parkway, Suite A
    Tampa, Florida 33610-4249
    (813) 626-1177
    (813) 626-7015 FAX
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      Safety box required

      Lorax, I agree completely, call OSHA before somebody ends up calling 911 for a man trapped in a cave-in.

      Also, state of FLorida should have some sort of its own Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations. Call the state boys also. And if you're in a municipality, let the director of public works know this. IF they are doing utility work for a city or county, whoever is in charge of the municipality would want to know what is going on. IF you can't get anyone to act, try the local fire department. I've had good luck reporting things to fire chiefs since they are the ones who end up putting their men on the front line to rescue individuals who have been put in harms way. Please, Old Slow, do not let this continue. That guy in that hole without protection is somebody's husband, father, brother, son. Think of how you would feel if that individual in harm's way were your relative!!!!!
      Safety First!
      Jim D.


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        City Workers

        Old SLow Chevy,
        Reminds me of something similar I saw a couple summers ago. I was coming home from work and in the park behind my house are two city workers standing DIRECTLY behind a city dump truck that was backing up. I saw, I stopped and approached. Without preaching I said it would be much safer if they stood off to the side of the dump truck out of its way to direct driver to back up. Driver could see them better in his mirrors, and if he would slip off brake or hit gas, they would not be pinned between dump box and the building he was backing up to. Both men looked at me like I had just gotten off a spaceship that descended from Mars. When I got back in my truck and drove off, they went back to doing exactly what they had been doing before I stopped. I remembered this advice because of my dad who worked for Wisconsin Bell Telephone Co. He was a supervisor and came home from work devastated one day because a guy backing up a line truck had inadvertently backed up and pinned another lineman between two vehicles, crushing the pelvis of the guy standing behind the truck. I don't remember if they man ever walked again, but I know my father had sleepless nights because of this unfortunate accident. Like I've said before,
        Safety First Mi Amigos, Safety First!
        Jim D.


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          OSC, call OSHA and report this. Do it anonymously if you need to but do it. Situations that present imminent danger have the highest priority because there is a life at stake. Flordia does not have a state OSH Plan, they are under Federal OSHA.

          Protection of employees in excavations.
          Each employee in an excavation shall be protected from cave-ins by an adequate protective system designed in accordance with paragraph (b) or (c) of this section except when:
          1926.651(c)(2) Means of egress from trench excavations. A stairway, ladder, ramp or other safe means of egress shall be located in trench excavations that are 4 feet (1.22 m) or more in depth so as to require no more than 25 feet (7.62 m) of lateral travel for employees.

          Employees shall not work in excavations in which there is accumulated water, or in excavations in which water is accumulating, unless adequate precautions have been taken to protect employees against the hazards posed by water accumulation. The precautions necessary to protect employees adequately vary with each situation, but could include special support or shield systems to protect from cave-ins, water removal to control the level of accumulating water, or use of a safety harness and lifeline.

          1926.651(j)(2) Employees shall be protected from excavated or other materials or equipment that could pose a hazard by falling or rolling into excavations. Protection shall be provided by placing and keeping such materials or equipment at least 2 feet (.61 m) from the edge of excavations, or by the use of retaining devices that are sufficient to prevent materials or equipment from falling or rolling into excavations, or by a combination of both if necessary.

          1926.651(k)(2) Where the competent person finds evidence of a situation that could result in a possible cave-in, indications of failure of protective systems, hazardous atmospheres, or other hazardous conditions, exposed employees shall be removed from the hazardous area until the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure their safety.

          There must be a competent person on each job, or the duty will fall to the owner or owners representative.

          This contractor is putting EVERY contractor on the job at risk. Your boss now that he has been informed of the hazard is REQUIRED to report it to the GC or Project Manager and should also notify the super for the contractor doing the excavation. He should be telling all his people (such as you) not to go near or in the trench, otherwise, he could be liable if one of you gets hurt. Every contractor on site or who knows of the hazard and did nothing to abate it will be going to court if someone gets hurt.

          Its easy for me to say from 1200 miles away but the best thing to do is report this to OSHA ASAP.
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            Federal OSHA Complaint Handling Process

            Federal OSHA Complaint Handling Process

            OSHA evaluates each complaint to determine how it can be handled best--an off-site investigation or an on-site inspection. Workers who would like an on-site inspection must submit a written request. Workers who complain have the right to have their names withheld from their employers, and OSHA will not reveal this information. At least one of the following eight criteria must be met for OSHA to conduct an on-site inspection:
            1. A written, signed complaint by a current employee or employee representative with enough detail to enable OSHA to determine that a violation or danger likely exists that threatens physical harm or that an imminent danger exists;
            2. An allegation that physical harm has occurred as a result of the hazard and that it still exists;
            3. A report of an imminent danger;
            4. A complaint about a company in an industry covered by one of OSHA's local or national emphasis programs or a hazard targeted by one of these programs;
            5. Inadequate response from an employer who has received information on the hazard through a phone/fax investigation;
            6. A complaint against an employer with a past history of egregious, willful or failure-to-abate OSHA citations within the past three years;
            7. Referral from a whistle blower investigator; or
            8. Complaint at a facility scheduled for or already undergoing an OSHA inspection.
            To report an emergency, fatality, or imminent life threatening
            situation contact the OSHA toll free number immediately:

            1-800-321-OSHA (6742)

            OSC, if I were you I would call this number NOW, don't wait for Monday. You'll get busy and forget and this guy could end up dead.
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              hey guys thank you so much i really came home and jumped on here to find out really what should be done.i did make a call to osha at 6 pm tonight and left a very very very detailed message with them as well as my cell number so they can get in touch with amazed me to see that i never saw that in maryland dc or vrigina ever in 16 years i have heard about it but never saw it.this caught me so off guard that i was shocked it was so unbeliveable that i really had to wonder what the hell was i looking at not being the top dog anymore and being the lowest point in the chain really had me for a loss as well i didnt want to get fired for it but i really dont care about that as much as i did about this poor guys life i am still in shock about the whole thing.
              9/11/01, never forget.


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                Checklist/toolbox talk sheet on trenchs and excavations.
                ( .PDF File )
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                  OSC, that company has no scruples and could care less about its. low pay workers. DO NOT tell the guy what they said about going to the main office and file complaint. Let OSHA handle it. If that guys gets away from the work site to complain they will just fire him and send someone else to replace him. If the company cared there would not be a problem like this to begin with
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                    Dan, I was not recommending that OSC tell the worker to file a complaint, I was saying that OSC should contact OSHA, which he stated he has done (telephone call on Friday).
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                      papadan sorry if you misunder stood or if i said it wrong or both.iwas told to tell that worker to come to our shop to become a new hire and quit his job that he has now.i hope that clears things up some
                      9/11/01, never forget.


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                        OK My Bad. Bob, I was reffering to OSC post about telling the man to report to main office. And OSC, I misread your post and didn't realise you were to send him to your company for a new job. ANYWAY, calling OSHA was the right thing to do and they will shut down the trenching until done properly with side and overhead shoring of the walls to prevent cave in.
                        info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                          Originally posted by oldslowchevy
                          a company here in florida is doing the under ground utilites had a man 20-30' below grade with no side wall protection what so ever to make things worse the excavatare oprater almost slamed the poor guy on the head with the bucket 2 times.the stuff they are digging in is sand and very unstable...

                          Do you know what they call his wife?

                          A rich widow. It may not be now or tomorrow, but it will happen (and, as mentioned has already happened once), I just hope they fix the way they do things before that happens.

                          You know, they will sell tools to any type of fool. It's up to us to demand the employer to protect the employees. It should not take OSHA or a lawyer to protect the workers.

                          It troubles me that the person needs his job so bad that he is willing to put his personal safety at risk for a meager $7.50/hr.
                          What's wrong here?
                          Tools Rule


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                            and now ..... the rest of the story

                            6:45am i was contacted by an osha inspector by telephone hisn name is Jim watts and he asked me a few questions knowing that i was about to start my day so he kept it brief and wanted to know where i seen what i had seen and if i had any photos and so forth, he also set an apointment with for for when i get off i must admit that this guy didnt seem very worried about this it almost seemed as if i was wasting his time witch bothered me bad but i know i did the right thing so is about all i could hope for right?i didnt end up going to the job that i was on friday i had to help the tirm out guys they were 2 guys short so i just worked the day in wonder.after work i met Jim at the spot we agreed on,he asked to see the photos that i had and he downloaded them on to a lap top he had in his car.he told me that this company was already on a supensen for the same thing from last month and was heavly fined then and when he pulled up to the site today they still were at it(unbelivable)osha is now impounding ALL OF THERE EQUIPMENT TRUCKS TOOLS AND PAPER WORK!!!!the owner now has an arest warrant out on him for several charges including reckless endangerment and volation of a stop work order.i am not sure if i will have to go to court or not but i will sleep alot easyer tonight becase of it!!i feel that i have done the right thing and really when it's all said and done that all that really matters!
                            9/11/01, never forget.


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                              Great news!!!

                              Well, let me be the first to offer you some congratulations OSC! I think you did the right thing and am happy to see there are still some responsible folks out there willing to look out for one another.

                              Now just keep that OSHA guy away from your chisels and you are all set!
                              Still enjoying all 10 fingers!