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    I was watching the siding contractor's yesterday hanging siding with what seemed to be a really nice setup. They were using aluma poles with 30' aluminum planks. They were stretched out the back of 5 adjoining condo's. A gentleman was standing center of the plank and it buckled, luckily he was only 5' off the ground. So me being a nosebag I walked over, all the stuff looked brand new. I noticed the plank sticker had a rating of 500lbs. So what do you guys think would be the reasoning for this plank buckling?

    The real kicker is the guy got right back up then the guys set another plank in it's place and continued on. I know myself no way I'd go back up on there especialy with the height them guys went up after having that happen!!

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    more than likely the plank(walk board) was either defetive or mishandled. mis handling doesnt not mean that it was loaded or unloaded from the truck incorractly though that is a possablity but more than likely what had happen is that someone was jumping up and down on the board on an earlyer job and IF that is what happened a 200 pound man wearing 20 pounds of tools nails and bags would stand in the middle of the board and jump oh lets say 8-9 inches above that boards spung hieght that rapid loading and unloading of that board could have very easy exceeded that walk boards rating of 500 pounds.i am not saying this is what happened but i have seen many a siding crew do such things with out even a second thought of what was happening.i have never seen a man fold a walk board like that but IMHO i belive it is very possable to have done so.
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      the right trem for what i was tring to say in my earlyer post is called shocking and i made a call to warener ladders and scfold the person i talked to on the phone told me in a round about way that a 200lbs man with tools jumping as i stated would aply around 1300 pounds of force but only 1/20th of a second witch is only 800 pounds of force more than the board was rated for.buti was also told that these borads are rated at half of what they can really hold and if that is true it makes me think that there may have been a few things wrong like maybe it was "shocked" and might of had a defect in it i just think that if the board really could have with stood a 300 lbs shock but with a 300 lbs shock and a defect could have really done the trick.and on another note this post of yous is in my opion was much better than your other post witch is why i went the extra step and make a few phone calls to try to answer the question and to inform others.swoosh81 please keep all your posts like this one and if you don't get an answer that you like or if you feel that you are being called out dont get nasty just ask what it is that you are being called out on and if this is a new you coming outplease by all means let me be the frist to say welcome again to this fourm!
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        Jumping up and down on a scaffold IS shocking it.

        Rough handling can damage aluminum scaffold picks in a way that is not readily apparent. A slight dent on a corner or edge can weaken them more than you might think, especially when subjected to shock loading. How far apart were the supports? Were these 'poles' as you call them aluminum scaffold jacks, the type that replaced the older style wooden pump jacks? And were the picks the expanding or telescoping type as opposed to fixed length picks (planks)?
        • Was a ladder provided for safe access tot he scaffold?
        • Were guard rail and end rails installed?
        • Was the scaffold properly braced top and bottom and a proper footing provided?
        • Were the employees wearing fall protection equipment (req'd if scaffold platform is above 10 ft.)
        OSHA Powerpoint on residential scaffolding.

        A little dated but still good info.

        OSHA 18 minute streaming video on scaffold inspections (requires Windows Media Player)
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          After spending much time in Asia I now know bamboo scaffolding is the only way to go. That and a little bubble gum/string and you are all set! LOL
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            Originally posted by wwsmith
            After spending much time in Asia I now know bamboo scaffolding is the only way to go. That and a little bubble gum/string and you are all set! LOL

            i have seen the bamboo scaffolding on a TV show and it was amazon how that works and how they get around on it . they did not have shoe's on .
            what do you think OSHA would have to say about that ?

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              I dont think they got to worry about OSHA over there.LMAO
              Be safe out there folks
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