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  • alertness

    Here is a sad story - hope it helps someone

    A guy I know has been a contractor for over 25 years. He has built countless homes and additions in Ontario and has worked with almost every power tool imaginable. He even did quite a bit of the framing and trimwork in my home about 2 years ago.

    To make extra money he decided to take on a second job and was working over 15 hours a days in some cases.

    A few months ago, while working on a railing in a house down the street, he cut off his thumb with one of his saws. They rushed him to the hospital but the ER staff were not able to re-attach it. He is right handed and lost his left thumb.

    He still does contract work, but I think he has slowed down quite a bit.

    Hope this will help someone remember to be alert when using power tools.