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    I will have to take up for Ridgid on this one. I purchased my BS14002 about 6 months ago and really have never used it much as I never could get it smooth running enough to make cuts.I thought I had it tuned until I saw what others had with their machines. I had made numerous calls to the tech support and they would send out new parts (wheels, tension handles, bearings). After all these, (and the recommendatiosn in WOOD Mag), my saw still had the excessive vibration. The last time I called (yesterday), they (tech support) said all the parts should have fixed it and they can't send anymore out. I told them I didn't want anymore parts sent either! I just want a saw that works. They suggested I take it to my service center (110 mile round trip) to see what they could do. I said absolutely not! I will not lug that piece of *** so they can order parts just like I was doing. They said if he can't fix it, they would do a machine exchange. I asked about my lifetime service agreement and they said it would be a reconditioned machine and would not qualify for it. That did it!! I said I bought a new machine and I want a new machine in place of it. They suggested I call the Ridgid service rep for HD for a resolution. I called HD and they gave me the name and number of the rep. I called him and within 5 minutes, he said simple solution, take mine back and the store will replace it with a new one. Now, I don't have it together yet, as I just got it today, so I can't comment on whether it will run smoother. One thing I do notice, is that it is better finished and not as rough looking as the first one.
    I realize I had to lug it back, but they did give me a brand new one.
    I don't think any of the competitors will do that. (Also, I still retain the lifetime service agreement).

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    Good luck with the new one, and please post your opinion of the replacement.

    I wonder if you have to re-register for the LSA? As you know, submitting the serial number is requisite for the LSA, so, now you have a different saw with a different serial number.

    I have 4 Ridgid tools and the only thing I had to exchange was my MSUV. I just re-registered it to cover all ends, but I'm not sure if that is required.


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      My interpretation of the LSA is that he'd have to register the replacement BS and unregister the old one. That shouldn't pose any problems as I'm assuming he'll have a receipt from HD crediting the old one and rebilling the new one. If that's not how HD handled it, I'd go back an demand that they do it that way explaining that a receipt is required to register for the LSA.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        Good job Ronald. I must admit I am a bit surprised that HD didn't give any flak for returning the saw after 6 months. I would agree with CMW and BD that you will probably want to look into ensuring your LSA status on the new saw. Hope the new one works out better!
        Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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          Ridgid is sending me the forms to register it. HD didn't do anything with the receipt. I went in with my old saw and told customer service who I was (the rep had called and talked to the manager and they were expecting me), left my saw there and went back and loaded my new saw on cart, went back to customer service and they said OK. I only have my old receipt.


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            Keep the name and number of that RIDGID rep. You might need it if you experience any difficulties in getting the replacement BS registered. I'd still try and make them give you some paperwork because Murphy is always lurking just around the corner.
            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              Hey Ron, I'm curious how the New Bandsaw is working?
              I hope better than the last, I just installed my riser block this morning, pressed the bearings in the replacement upper wheel, took the urathane tire off the original wheel and installed it,gonna run and get a lawnmower blade balancer to check it out before continuing further.