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    No, I don't think I missed your point, what your saying is, that when Ridgid started there woodworking line of tools they used well known reputible companies to make and produce there product line, and those reps cared and made sure the product line had representation, and got off to a good start, then once they got it off the ground, Ridgid chose to get higher profits and use china to make them now. And that there is no company reps from those cheap factories that gives a rats behind, about whether there quality or not. And now that Ridgid got the recognition they needed to get their products off the ground , they pretty much don't care anymore either. I wasnt asking for the old manufacurers Reps. to be here, just the CURRENT ones. I did'nt buy a watch. I bought Ridgid tools. so I'm here, If I bought a Rolex I'd be at my Rolex dealer. (a Rolex is a watch in case you did'nt know)
    Originally posted by smorris View Post
    You misunderstand what I meant. The people on here giving feedback from the Ridgid side were associated with the company that manufactured the tools at that time. Since that company doesn't make the tools anymore, there would be no reason for them to support the current product.

    I'm assuming you are talking about Jake. The forum old timers can probably better comment that I on his employer (We did not have Internet access at the time, so could not participate on the forum.) Did Jake work for OTC, Emerson Special Products, or was he a Ridge Tool employee? I was under the impression he represented OTC. So what you are asking, A&P, would be similar to asking a Skil customer service rep to continue answering questions about Ridgid drills after we changed to Bosch as a supplier.

    I understood what you meant. I just wanted to make it clear that the company he works for does *not* make the tools he was asking about, so his knowledge of them should not reflect on the subject one way or another.

    If I were the watch salesman at a large department store, I really would have no clue as to how well the washing machines the same store sold worked, so if I wanted to know, would I ask the washing machine sales person, or a forum of dedicated washing machine enthusiasts? Silly example, but really it provides an example as to why Josh might have decided to ask y'all about the drill press.


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      [edit] based on the fact that I'm here representing Ridge Tool, and that in general, we try to be nice to each other here on the forum, I've edited my post...
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        Ok.. this thread isnt going anywhere constructive. Yes we have different people manufacturing our Orange woodworking tools. Same specs and same quality standards from us.

        Jake was tasked with taking care of the woodworking side of this forum when I first put it up. The forum was new and there were only a couple hundred members back then. As the forum grew in membership so did its capacity to maitaine itself without a dedicated moderator.

        I still try to reply to what I can and I know our product mangers and tech service reps make an appearance every once in a while.

        I am closing this thread because its turning into a flamewar between smorris and American and Proud.