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What is Your #1 Tool-Related Pet Peeve?

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    Originally posted by TOD View Post
    Eye halve a spelling checker. It came with my pea sea. It plainly marks four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea. Eye strike a key and type a word And weight four it two say Weather eye am wrong oar write. It shows me strait a weigh. As soon as a mist ache is maid. It nose bee fore two long and eye can put the error rite. Its rare lea ever wrong. Eye have run this poem threw it. I am shore your pleased two no. Its letter perfect awl the weigh. My checker tolled me sew.
    lmao i hate it when folks do this kind of thing better than me but this is one of the better ones and thanks for that laugh and happy turkey day...... gobble gobble
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      FRESH, NEW Pet Peeve

      Being distracted at a key point in time when using power tools!

      I was about to adjust my circular saw's depth-of-cut to cut some plywood on my cheap plastic sawhorses for an impromptu, small 10 minute project.
      <insert distraction here> I returned to make the cut and I darned near cut my SH into!

      (I just noticed the sawhorse again this morning and it pi$$ed me off all over again, but, I still can't remember what the distraction was)
      Tools Rule


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        my number one pet peeve regarding tools, is apprentices who lose them.
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          My pet peeve is people who buy a tool based solely on its cost and then rant and moan when it doesn't perform just like one that costs twice as much.
          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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            OHHHHHH MY!!!!!! Pet peeve's HuH!!! Well i do have a few....
            1. cords I can't stand it when theres a friggin KNOT in a cord.....and they way they are rolled up and rolled out, I was taught when you roll out a cord unroll it all they way to avoid tangling and KNOTTING...GRRRRRR....I also hate rolling one up in what we call pig tail' bulky and takes up to much space....IN MY OPPINION THAT IS..
            2. People who abuse your tools...if they had to buy the tool they would be more appreciative to the tool itself...I love my tools and wanna keep them as long as they will last....I am not made of money and have worked hard for what little bit of tools i do own..SO PLEASE BE CAREFULL WITH THEM IF YOU WANNA USE THEM!!!!!!!!
            3. Last but far from least....this is Tools 101...not English class....i myself know i cant spell the greatest but I am darn good at what i do...Ive taught quit a few people how to build a house cut in a roof,stairs etc..not one time has anyone asked me how to spell a friggin word on the jobsite....


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              cactusman you sound like some of my stupid teachers in grade and high school,

              Basing every thing about a person on if there a good academic student, and there ability to write and talk,

              The teachers would belittle students in the class and tell them there stupid and such,

              Then in later life they want them to build them there houses and fix there cars, and clean out there sewage pipes,

              If they were so intelligent they could fix there own things and build there own houses, beside just knowing how to spell and put a sentence together,

              AND you talk about reading a manual, I have seen very intelligent people (academically) take a manual and could not make heads or tails out of it, and to hand it to some one who is dyslexia and can't spell or read a book if there life depended on it, and interpret the manual and relate the information to the professional in academia, and might I add via imperfect speech, (word usage is not all it takes),

              some people are gifted to write and to spell, and to do beautiful things with words, some are math geniuses, and some can work with there hands, and some with music and acting,
              it doesn't mean that one person is less then some one else.

              It means that GOD created people with different ability's and to be able to work in other areas as to have full and rounded group of people that can complement each other, and assist each other,

              and not be so proud of there great ability as to tear others down with it.
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                bhd well said and thank you
                9/11/01, never forget.


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                  Phil wrote: "... I returned to make the cut and I darned near cut my SH into!..."

                  Didn't Chevy make a P/U truck TV ad like this, except they cut all the way through the sawhorse?
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                    Originally posted by cactusman View Post
                    I find it very aggravating when I read posts on this reflector [and other reflectors] that the person posting can't spell or write a proper sentence!

                    It is scary to have uneducated people use power tools, since it's obvious they are unable to read the manuals or safety warnings!

                    To be fair...fingers slip on the keyboard. Let me suggest you proof read your rant before hitting the enter button. You then can correct the horrid spelling and poor grammar. you also have a spell checker on the computer to help you with the easy words. Worse case, there is a book out to help you spell it's called a dictionary!

                    the words to, too, two, all have different meaning and uses, just as its and it's!

                    "It's" means IT IS
                    "ITS" means ownership relating to it, or itself

                    I also find the "cute" abbreviations a nuisance as this site does not provide a dictionary to explain what they mean! Are we so lazy that a few extra keystrokes to spell out the entire word and correctly is that difficult?

                    You don't believe me?

                    just read the posts here and you'll [that is you will]
                    observe everything I have [that is I've] said.

                    vowels and consonants were invented for a reason! let's use them corerectly.

                    Cactus Man

                    Cactus Man - I don't think your reference to uneducated people and power tools holds much water. There's a huge difference between an education, spelling, mechanical aptitude, and common sense. I have 3 best speller and most educated would cut his hand off in about 10 minutes in my shop....he's a mechanical moron. The kid who's the "most creative speller" also struggles most with school, is by far the most mechanical and competent in the shop. I never thought spelling counted a whole lot on these boards people will figure out the message!


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                      My pet pieve.....not putting a tool back where you got it from. That grinds me to no end when i go to look for it where I know I put it.Unless I am gonna use the tool for more than 1-2 things i put it back rite after im done useing it. ( well ok about 80% time i put back rite away). Keeps my workspace my workspace.


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                        Spell check.....?

                        Cactus Man.... Looks like you didn't use your own advice

                        "vowels and consonants were invented for a reason! let's use them corerectly."

                        Capt. Hank


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                          Friends coming over and setting a cold drink on my TS3650.
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                            As for spelling and grammar... well I've been involved in Internet forums for years now relating to various cars and have just come to accept that most people just don't care. You deal with it and move on. If I just can't make out what someone's trying to say, I'll just ignore it or, if it seems that English isn't their first language (rather than them just being ignorant) then I'll do my best to help out.

                            That's just the nature of these things. We can't all be literary geniuses.

                            Originally posted by hellcatt200 View Post
                            My pet pieve.....not putting a tool back where you got it from. That grinds me to no end when i go to look for it where I know I put it.Unless I am gonna use the tool for more than 1-2 things i put it back rite after im done useing it. ( well ok about 80% time i put back rite away). Keeps my workspace my workspace.
                            Preach it, brotha!! My wife has a habit of putting my tools away for me... which is to say hiding them on me when she decides she doesn't like where I've left them at the moment.

                            I'm learning though. Now when I need a hand tool, I check the coat closet and a hallway bench before heading down to the furnace room or clearing away my desk.

                            Of course, if it's a tool I was done with, it'll be in my tool box in the garage where it belongs.