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  • Ridgid sale?

    Hey guys a quick question. Does Ridgid have a sale around this time every year? I am trying to hold out on getting my Table saw and miter CSMS but I don't want to get it this week and then Ridgid has a 10% mail-in. Should I just go get them or should I wait it out. I have to tell you its hard. I hate to wait when I want something.

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    Well there is two things that may work in your favor. First, Home Depot has a 30-day "buyers protection" plan, so it it goes on sale within 30 days after your purchase, all you have to do is take in your receipt and they will credit you with the difference.

    Second, Ridgid has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee... so, if something pops up within 90 days, you could technically pack everything up (save the box and packing material) and take it back to the store, and then go buy it again.

    Now to answer your question: Yes, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are usually quite a few sales. Three years ago, Home Depot had a fantastic 20% off sale on all power tools. But they haven't repeated that. Now they are more selective and target certain types or particular tools. For example, two years ago they had either a 15 or 20% off on cordless combo sets. As I recall, last year it was just selected tools.

    Also, last year they had a clearance on several tools in January. There were some bargains to be had as some manufacturers put together "combos" that didn't attrack many customers and in January the cleared those. I picked up a Ridgid 10" CMS and pneumatic finish nailer for less than either tool could have been bought separately!

    So, with these things in mind and a keen eye maybe you can decide which way is best for you.



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      great insight by c-dubs.

      i will add, that you should have either a lowes or hd 10% off coupon at your disposal in the next couple of months (signup at, it's the easiest mode).

      secondly, you should wait. you're talking potential savings in the hundreds for what you are considering (i saved $135 alone on my Ridgid TS2400 by waiting for a Ridgid rebate/sale and combining it with a coupon). i had a budget, and was able to extend my dollar, and ultimately my tool collection by being patient.

      if you check in here regularly, you will be more informed.

      good luck


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        Well I was in HD yesterday and saw they had a price break on the CSMS of $50. It is now $499. I also have a 20% off. Also the stand is $50 off. So it is down to $149. With 20% off That will make the miter saw around $399 and the stand about $119. That is a good deal I just wanted to make sure that if they do have that sale I can still get it even if it is around X-mas. It sounds like I can still get that if they have a promo. Has anyone ran into this problem? I also will wait on the table saw. I have a feeling that they will mark it down. I can only hope. Then after X-mas I can get somemore goodies with gift cards.


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          I would wait on buying those items. I about a Ryobi mitre stand about six months ago for $99. I got it home unpacked it and was just as happy as I could be until I saw in the paper two days later that the Ridgid was on sale for $99 (down from $149). Since then, they have marked up the MSUV to $199 and call it a sale when it goes to $149. I promptly went back to Home Depot and exchanged it. No big problems with that trip to the customer service desk. . . There have been others though. (See Portable Power Tools). Just my opinion.



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            I wouldn't care if RIdgid were giving tools away, I WOULD NOT BUY OR HAVE ANOTHER RIDGID TOOL! After this BS14002 experience, I would spend a little more and get a better competitor tool. No wonder they offer a lifetime service agreement, you will need it, to get the thing anywhere near working order!!


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              So what's your point?

              Seriously, I can certainly understand your frustration. I rare exception have I seen anything but negative comments about the Ridgid bandsaw. Just a mediocre design at best it appears.

              However, there are quite a few very good tools wear the Ridgid badge. It is rare that any manufacturer produces any line of tools without occasionally having a few lemons. Just do you homework and never hesitate to take a piece of junk back and get a refund.

              Happy Thanksgiving,