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The Ridgid Web Site ("buy button"?)

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  • The Ridgid Web Site ("buy button"?)

    I certainly wish Ridgid was set-up as an on line shop. I know that we usually pay a little more when purchasing from the manufacturer but some of the items on the site are not available in our local stores (too many to list) and it would be a handy companion to just buy the products without having to travel or web surf with "questionable" web sites offering outragious (Low) prices and poor shipping times. (they don't stock anything anyway, I have waited 9 weeks for items)

    I was looking at all of the hand tools and Ridgid missed an oppurtunity to collect around 400 bucks from my Credit card tonight because I was in the 'mood' to buy.

    Am I missing something? Does a "checkout" exsist?

    One thing that Irks me with web retailers isd the inconsistant shipping. Boscov has a flat shipping rate. You know what you are in for..some companies will charge 22.99 shipping for a pair of pliers!!!


    My personal shopping has almost gone 100% web. I cannot stand to drive in the thick traffic with careless driver bozo's at every turn. Besides the grocery store, the post office and out of town drives, the car simply don't get but 3K miles a year and I am about to drop full coverage insurance on the vehicle. Quite frankly, if I can't get it on the web, I don't need it bad enough. The TS3650 was a few mouse clicks and hand delivered. This is the way it should be.

    I simply don't need to get out much. (Showing my age)
    When in doubt, unplug the saw.